Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everybody Loves Parfait!

I love that line from Shrek and it is so true. What is not to love? Pretty colours and yummy layers, parfait is just about perfect. Layering blouses can be like parfait, sparkling layers of colour that are pretty enough to eat.

When I saw academichic layering cardigans and Already Pretty layering dresses, I thought why not layer blouses? Now I know we already layer tops and camis, but I am talking about a different animal here. Two blouses, not a blouse and a cami. Now why layer a blouse? I thought to add interest to a plainer blouse and to help with "issues" such as armholes that are too low or a decollete that shows too much.

Here I have three examples of blouse layering:

  • Floral Blouse- Anthropologie
  • Pink Blouse- Target
This floral blouse has low cut underarms and a low neckline. I used the bright pink blouse to fill it in and add a nice pop of colour.

  • Sheer Blouse- Forever 21
  • Beige Blouse- NY&Company
Here is a beautiful sheer blouse with a lace inset yoke. I could have gone with the cami underneath, but I chose this beige puff sleeve blouse because I thought the little collar on it accented the lace yoke positively, and the puff sleeves added dimension to the flutter sleeves on the sheer blouse. It all has a very retro feel to it.

  • Aqua Silk Blouse- Forever 21
  • Green Portrait Collar Blouse- Target
The silk blouse is a wardrobe basic for me, but it has no collar and I feel it is a bit plain. This green blouse with its full collar is a perfect match. The colors are in the same family and are so refreshing and clean. It looks like they were made to go together!

I am sure that you have a few blouses in your closet that you can experiment with. I had loads of fun and will be making up other combinations now that I have the knack. Will you dare to try it out?



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