Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sarong Song

Mendosa Sarong
$35 -

With the Summer heat and humidity I have been going native and wearing sarongs! I swear there is no better way to stay cool when it is sizzling outside. I have here a cute selection of styles I found on the internet. You can also just grab a large scarf that you already have and tie it yourself to make your own sarong. Here is a good site to start learning the different ways to "tie one on" LOL!
How to Wrap a Sarong.

If I can get anyone to take pictures I will post them here or in the flickr group of my sarongs. I have a great selection I have collected over the years. For now I am going to kick back with a nice cool glass of lemonade and see if I can find me a cabana boy with a palm frond fan.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Takes A Vintage Girl To Tell An Antique

Those Potatoes Aren't Going To Mash Themselves

Those Potatoes Aren't Going To Mash Themselves

Looks Like You Missed A Spot

Looks Like You Missed A Spot

New Gloves

I'd Put On White Gloves, But I Have A Dirty Job To Do

Here's Looking At You Kid

Here's Looking At You Kid

Sleep Like A Kitten?

Sex Sells Everything, Even Train Tickets

What a great time Tom and I had in the Tehachapi Mountains rummaging through antique stores and sitting in quaint cafes. I swear there is not a better time to be had! There was even a hobby store full of model trains for Tom to look over. We had a laugh at the advertising plaques that showed scantily clad women to sell train tickets.
IMG_4781 IMG_4782

Sex sells everything I guess! I was a good girl and only spent a small amount of money. I just had to buy the grape shoe clip at one store. I had inherited one just like it from my Nana! Now I have a matched set to wear on my shoes.

Grapes On My Toes!

$18.00 Vintage Grape Shoe Clip.

I also bought a pair of black gloves. Perfect for my next tea party. To end the day we split a cheesecake and watched the clouds form and break apart from the deck at Kohnen's Bakery. So romantic! Of course, any time spent with Tom is good :)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The First Step

New Shoes

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I know I am a shopoholic. So I had already taken the first step years ago. I buy shoes, clothes and accessories compulsively. But other than that I had never really done anything about it other than cutting back when my husband was out of work. Now that we are empty-nesters I have had to take a step back and re-evaluate my life. Do I really need to keep accumulating all these material goods? What plans do I have for the rest of my life?

First was to lay out my priorities for our money:

1. Retirement.

2. Vacations to visit our cherished friends.

3. Renovations to our home.

These are all really important to me and if I don't stop spending all our money then I can not accomplish these goals. So that means I will have to actually set myself a budget and stick with it.

So today is the first day of my budget. I have three envelopes with each goal on it and I will put a defined amount of money into each envelope each payday. After a few months I will put the accumulations in an Roth IRA for the retirement and use the others as needed for my goals. I think that I am finding that "things" don't always make you happy, but friends and experiences do.

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