Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Giving My Thighs Some Love

Like most of us I have issues. Body issues. I inherited my great grandmother's thighs. They are known on her side of the family as the "Calendar Thighs." I have a great aunt Edna who was rumoured to have used a rolling pin to tame hers. No matter what weight I am at, my thighs still have those pockets of fat that will carry me through a famine. After 35 years of fighting a losing battle of the thigh bulge I have decided to do something radical. I am going to just love my thighs.

I am going to wear shorts without fear. I am going to wear mini skirts. I am not going to worry what people are going to say about me behind my back. Why? Because it is MY body not theirs and I get to love it and show it off as I see fit.

My new short shorts

As one of the blogs I read puts it, we are so judgmental about ourselves and each other. ( Already Pretty ) I do not want to be caught up in that. I want to love ALL of me. Even the jiggly bits :)

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