Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds Sept 25th

So, I had mentioned that I had been to San Diego. I had a lovely time there and of course by lovely time I mean I went shopping! I did try to be frugal so we went to the Goodwill in Imperial Beach. I was much impressed with the lovely stuff they had there. If I had more money I would have made off with even more goodies! So I had to be content with the few things I did get. Not all of them are here since I was too tired to take all the pictures, you will get to see them next week. I also shopped at Etsy. I have an addiction to the vintage there *grin*

Mod 60's Look
This dress is possibly one of my favorite purchases and it was one of the cheapest! $5.99 at Goodwill and it is pure silk. I feel like a Mod 60's girl in it. Edie Sedgewick, move over!

Vintage Sheath Dress
Classic vintage sheath dress looks so elegant and refined. I added a brown belt I had for just the right touch. This was only $25.00 from Reneesance at Etsy. It came with a matching trench coat but it was to hot to model!

New Suit
Another amazing deal from Goodwill. This suit still had the tags on it! Instead of $70.00 only $21.99 for me!

Vintage Look
Were is a girl without accessories? Vintage hat from thevanitytable on Etsy for $47.99 and Vintage mink stole from ForeverClassique on Etsy for $50.00. I am channeling a bit of a vintage vixen look here.

Oh so much fun, but I still have more finds to show you and more Falls Trends to talk about, so until later!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

InVESTment Dressing

I have been loving the Fall trend of sweater vests, especially as seen in the 15th Anniversary issue of InStyle Magazine. Unfortunately the ones in the magazine were a little pricey and being on a shoestring budget I knew I could find something cheaper! So I hot tailed it to my favourite bargain destination Forever21 and they did not fail to please! While culling through the bargain racks I found not one, but two lovely vests!

What I Wore 9-16-09

Here is the Rose Embroidered Vest for $13.99. I paired it with a bow belt from Anchor Blue and a vintage tweed skirt. Picture taken in the cemetery of Mission San Luis Rey.

Black White and Tan

This khaki vest has a lace texture at the shoulders and seemed too good to be true at only $4.99! I made it part of a sophisticated color scheme of black, white and shades of brown/tan. I think the bougainvillea that grew around the pillars in front of the Mission look so beautiful.

Then I went to New York and Company and they had many sweater vests, but I honed in on this gorgeous argyle style in teals and greens. It is available in a brown and gold colorway, but the green hit a cord with me. I had to have it! The price was a bit more than I usually pay, but still less than designer prices, so I snatched it up. I got City Cash, woohoo! I will spend it at my next outing.

What I Wore 9-15-09

This is a striking vest and I played up the colors with a bold blouse, pumps, handbag and jewelry. I kept the skirt as the only neutral piece. I am on the street in Imperial Beach down the street from the Goodwill.

So three sweater vests added to my wardrobe at a minimal cost gave my basics added oomph! I am just mad that I got rid of all the ones I used to have from years ago. I never thought they would come back in style. Silly me! I will never make that mistake again :)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Am On The Mend!

I am feeling so much better! Antibiotics are magic. They really are. I plan on finishing up some photos today and messing around a bit more with my blog. I have been trying out new backgrounds. The old background I originally had was nice, but I found a cute blog about goats that had the same one. I do want to look a little different even though I an using a pre-made background.*smile* I will try to get a header made to coordinate with this new dotted background and see if it looks custom enough. I really like the clean look of black white and red. Do you agree? Don't hesitate to give me any ideas you have on how to make my blog look better. I am up for constructive criticism! While waiting for me to get an article done why not head on over to Peldyn's Musings my personal blog and see my latest post. I also have a links list there of other lovely blogs you can peruse. Now to leave you with a pic of the youth hostel in Ocean Beach. Tom and I went antiquing there and had to take a picture of it. It looked so incongruous in between the clothing stores, antiques shops and small cafes.
Youth Hostel

Until later!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wasp Waists and Wiggle Skirts has a Giveaway!

If you like vintage patterns head on over to Wasp Waists and Wiggle Skirts to enter her drawing for a free pattern. While you are there you may want to follow her blog. I love her collection of patterns and articles on what women wore during the 30's 40's and 50's. It is such a fascinating time period!

Pattern Give a Way

Have fun and tell her Peldyn sent you!


Friday, September 18, 2009

I've Hit A Speed Bump!

This week's articles are delayed due to an infected insect bite. I actually have cellulitis and spent all day Wed. at the doctor and all day today at Urgent Care. I will try to get back on track in the next couple days, but it is hard to get my photos done with the pain :(


Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Finds Sept. 11th

This Friday Finds I have an eclectic selection for you. I went to so many places to shop and spent way too much so the last two things here are just on my wish list. I hope when I go back they still have my size!

First off is a nice layering top from Aeropostale with pintucks and lace on a buttoned up bib front. Perfect seasonal piece and on sale at 50% off! Only $9.99. Next is a great striped scarf I bought at Highland War from a booth called Simply Stylish. They have a website and you can request a scarf of your own! $15.00 is the price for this gorgeous item.

Then was Forever21 for an adorable little blouse in white with tiny black stripes. I am sure to get lots of wear out of this. It was on clearance for $9.99

I went crazy for socks! They were every where I went so I indulged. NY&Co had them at buy two get one free! Anchor Blue was buy one accessory get another at 50% off (I bought a red belt you will see next week in an article). At Joann's I was seduced in the checkout line by the Halloween socks. Who can resist argyle?

At Dillard's Clinique had a bonus with purchase and I was really wanting to try the new powder that is supposed to help calm and cool red complexions. The girl at the counter tried it on me and it felt really good on. I got a bag full of really awesome trial size goodies and a full size lipstick for buying it! It was $35.50. Not too expensive considering. When I got home my package from Sephora was in! Yay! I had ordered the Clinique Almost Powder Mineral Makeup, Tart 4 Day Lash Stain and Dr. Feel Good Balm from Benefit. I can't wait to try them.


Lastly I had tried on two dresses at Target. They were totally adorable, but I had run out of money. Why oh why doesn't Target have layaway? I sure do hope I can get them on pay day.

This was a busy week for me and it looks like next week will be just a busy! I will be continuing to fix up those clothes I found and I have more articles on Fall Fashions coming up so until then!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Straw Into Gold- Cardigan Make-Over

The first item I decided to start with was the oatmeal coloured cardigan. I picked it because I was so in love with the ribbons I had purchased at Joann's and couldn't wait to see how they would look on it.


It was hard choosing which one I liked best, but in the end I went with the seal brown as it "popped" against the light color of the cardi best. I plan on using the other ribbon for bows to put on hair pins and barrettes and pins for brooches.

Before sewing ribbon it is best to prewash it or steam shrink it. I steam shrunk it with my steam iron since it was quicker. Then I used 505 temporary fabric adhesive to adhere the ribbon to the cardigan at the waist. I also used a few pins. I used the adhesive outside in the driveway since it is so sticky. Now why adhesive? I find that velvet likes to shift horribly when I sew it and a little adhesive makes it so much easier. No more shifting and me pulling out my hair in frustration!


I took little pleats at the side seams on the waist when I pinned it since it curved a bit . This helped the ribbon lie flat.


Now I sewed the ribbon down with matching thread.


Now I edged the front of the cardigan with the ribbon to the shoulder seams taking care to keep it even and tucking the ends under. Then I sewed it down also.


Taking leftover bits of ribbon I sewed together a cute bow. I used a safety pin to attach it at the waist.


Now I have a new cardi to wear with my skirts and other outfits this Fall and Winter!

Tomorrow is Friday Finds so I will work on another garment on Saturday. Another exciting decision to make on which it will be! Maybe a skirt, maybe a top? Who knows!
Until then I hope you are all inspired to make-over something yourselves.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spinning Straw Into Gold

Before I left for Highland War I mentioned that I had found a bin of old clothing in the garage. I have had a chance now to go through them and take pictures. Here they are, a motley collection of faded, out of style and even, stained items that I will make fit back into my wardrobe. Hopefully this will help you with similar things that you may have either lying around, or when you are on your next thrifting expedition to look at items with a new eye. Who knows what sow's ear can be turned into a silk purse?

Black Rhumba Skirt

Wine Silk Top

Floral Dress

Tan Eyelet Maxi

Oatmeal Cardi

Lavender Cardi

Crochet Top

Cream Shirt

1.Black Rhumba Skirt- Faded, it needs to be re-dyed.
2.Wine Silk Top- Too large. I will have to alter it down in size.
3.Floral Dress- Too big and out of style. I think I am going to make it into a blouse and maybe skirt.
4.Tan Eyelet Maxi- Too big, too long. I may cut it into a shorter skirt.
5.Oatmeal Cardi- So bland. Needs livening up. I bought velvet ribbon to trim it with.
6.Lavender Cardi- Too big and shapeless. I will alter it to fit.
7.Crochet Top- Cute, but needs a little zing.
8.Cream Top- Has a couple stains. Need to see if they come out in the wash. If not, into the dye pot it goes!

Not sure which one I want to tackle first. So hard to choose! I guess you will all see tomorrow. Now I am off to work on one of these garments. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Away at Highland War!

This week has been a bit crazy for me. I have been getting ready to go to Highland War. This is an SCA event held in the high desert of California. I will be dressing up in anachronistic clothing, weaving, crocheting, playing with my granddaughters and watching the fighting. I may even get to do some shopping! Normally I would also merchant at such an event, but due to being ill for most of the year I don't feel up to that anymore. So it is just fun for me now and no work. Hmmm how is that going to go down? I don't remember the last time I didn't work at a War or faire! So look forward to lots of articles in the next week or two because while looking for my faire clothes I found a bin of my old clothes that I had stuck in the garage and I have decided to refurbish them and take you all along for the ride! I will include video as well as step by step descriptions of alterations and dyeing techniques to make old items look fab again.

So I leave you now with a few photos to let you get an idea of what I will be doing this weekend.

I wish every one a Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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