Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweater Girls

There is something about a girl in a sweater that is ineffably sexy and demure at the same time. My grandmother (known to me as Nana) Lillian Callender was a young woman at the height of the "sweater girl" era. She was so adorable.

I would give anything to have her poise and beauty. She never lost it. I would also kill for that sweater she is wearing! She told me once that it was a lovely light peach colour. I am sure it looked fantastic with her hair. She would dye her blonde hair a rich auburn colour that went with her blue eyes so beautifully.

Sweater Girl
  • Cashmere Sweater- Goodwill, Victorville
  • Skirt- Max Azria Outlet, remix
  • Tights- Anthropologie, remix
  • Shoes- Not Rated via
  • Necklace- Made by me from beads from Joann's

I tried to capture the spirit of what my Nana would have worn in this outfit. It was also a chance to wear my new sweater that I got at Goodwill for a mere pittance. Only $5.99 for cashmere! The necklace was also a bargain. I made it from about 5 packages of pearl beads that were on sale for 89 cents. Sweet deal!

While I miss my Nana, I still have her pictures to look at and I still hear her voice in my head. She is an inspiration to me.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Finds March 26th- Twisted Alice!

Inspired by the Twisted Wonderland Collection at F21 I shopped my closet to make my own Twisted Alice look for an outing to see the movie!


Later, when it got chilly I wore my new red trench coat I bought at Costco. Just the thing for hiding in the forest from the fruminous bandersnatch!


Or maybe that's the Cheshire Cat?

Whatever it is, the movie was fantastic and now I will be dreaming of more Alice inspired outfits. I do hope believe that if I get that census job my pay checks will be spent on lots of yummy clothes! BTW, if you have a Betsy Johnson store near you, check it out! The one at the Ontario Mills Mall was having a 40% off sale and all the clothes were already marked down on top of that. I saw many pieces that would fit perfectly into an Alice wardrobe. I nearly cried to have to walk out empty handed, so GO THERE if you have a chance.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everybody Loves Parfait!

I love that line from Shrek and it is so true. What is not to love? Pretty colours and yummy layers, parfait is just about perfect. Layering blouses can be like parfait, sparkling layers of colour that are pretty enough to eat.

When I saw academichic layering cardigans and Already Pretty layering dresses, I thought why not layer blouses? Now I know we already layer tops and camis, but I am talking about a different animal here. Two blouses, not a blouse and a cami. Now why layer a blouse? I thought to add interest to a plainer blouse and to help with "issues" such as armholes that are too low or a decollete that shows too much.

Here I have three examples of blouse layering:

  • Floral Blouse- Anthropologie
  • Pink Blouse- Target
This floral blouse has low cut underarms and a low neckline. I used the bright pink blouse to fill it in and add a nice pop of colour.

  • Sheer Blouse- Forever 21
  • Beige Blouse- NY&Company
Here is a beautiful sheer blouse with a lace inset yoke. I could have gone with the cami underneath, but I chose this beige puff sleeve blouse because I thought the little collar on it accented the lace yoke positively, and the puff sleeves added dimension to the flutter sleeves on the sheer blouse. It all has a very retro feel to it.

  • Aqua Silk Blouse- Forever 21
  • Green Portrait Collar Blouse- Target
The silk blouse is a wardrobe basic for me, but it has no collar and I feel it is a bit plain. This green blouse with its full collar is a perfect match. The colors are in the same family and are so refreshing and clean. It looks like they were made to go together!

I am sure that you have a few blouses in your closet that you can experiment with. I had loads of fun and will be making up other combinations now that I have the knack. Will you dare to try it out?


Monday, March 22, 2010

Running Away to San Diego

The stress in Boron was getting to us so we took our friends up on their offer of a spare room to stay in and slipped away to San Diego for the weekend. It was so lovely to see Alma and Robbie and to breathe the ocean air!

Alma and me along the trail in Balboa Park. I have on my new Ann Taylor lace shirt that I got at Goodwill for $2.99 *caching!*

This lovely lady and her pup were walking across the bridge to the museum and her puppy just pooped out and refused to walk anymore so she had to carry him. Sooo cute!

I just love the architecture!

These guys were amazing! Steam Powered Giraffe is the name of their group and they had us laughing so hard during their routine. Then when they sang their harmony was spot on. Wow!

Alma and Robbie with me listening to the music at the park.

Tom, Alma and Robbie watching the Lawn Bowling.

So we go home today and I am sad to leave my friends, but I look forward to seeing them again soon, I hope!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds March 19th

It is no surprise that I am really into the 1930's style right now. Anthropologie has some beautiful clothes that I constantly drool over. While they are very pricey I have a technique that I use to get good deals. I add to my wishlist the items I like. Then I check it frequently to see if they have gone on sale. If they have and if they have my size then they were meant to be mine! So here is a lovely bit of Anthro fun that I currently love.

So I am going to haunt this list and hope to get a few tidbits when they go on sale. The hat, at least the hat would be so awesome, sigh.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you all have a good one. I will be eating Irish Soda Bread and other Celtic goodies, but no green beer for me, yuck!
Wearing of the Green 024
Wearing of the Green 022
Wearing of the Green 002
  • Top- Liberty of London for Target
  • Skirt- Mervyn's, remix
  • Shoes-Miss Me from, remix
  • Celtic Cross Belt- Walmart, remix

I wore my new Liberty of London tank top. With its smattering of green it was the prefect compliment to my green shoes. Oh how I love these green shoes. Sigh. What better shoes for a day that you have to wear green?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out on a Romp-er

This Spring the trend is for rompers. Rompers? I haven't worn a romper since 1987. I really am not sure if this is the style for me. So I have been scouting out the online stores for what there is and here is what I have found.

Some of these are seriously cute, but I am not sure if I would look like mutton dressed as lamb in them. What do you think. Are rompers just for the kids, or do you think us older ladies could pull them off?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Me Liberty, Of London!

liberty 050
liberty 048
  • Liberty of London Milk Crate
  • Liberty of London Media Boxes

If you haven't heard by now, Target has had a collaboration with Liberty of London. The collection hit the stores on Sunday or Saturday depending upon your area. I just happened to be in Target with my daughter on Saturday and bought myself a sweet little blouse and some organising containers for my sewing room. The price points were excellent and I really wish I had more funds to purchase more goodies! Maybe like these:

While I haven't had a chance to wear the blouse yet, it looked really cute in the fitting room. Not so with an uber ruffled sundress. It really made me look like an over large pineapple. Not an appealing look. My granddaughters had a good giggle over it.

Actually, I would have wore the blouse today, but I never really got myself together. I just lazed in bed and ate cupcakes, drank rooibos tea and played BattleStations on Facebook. Maybe I am getting depressed or something? Or maybe it was just from staying up too late out on the protest line with the hubby, but THAT in itself is depressing, sigh. Yikes!
Tomorrow I go out of town to an unemployment interview with the hubby and I will definitely dress up for that! I plan on taking an Acess and Powerpoint class while I am there in their Resource Centre.
Wish me luck!


Bursting Bubbles

Bursting Bubbles 1
Bursting Bubbles 2
Bursting Bubbles 3
Bursting Bubbles 4

I had this bubble dress I bought a while back that I had only worn a couple times. Now that I am sick of bubble dresses I decided to turn it into a regular dress. It was not hard. I just cut it at the point where the dress's skirt and lining were sewn together. I then took all the gathering stitches out of the hem of the dress and pressed it flat. I serged it for a neat finish and turned it under once to hem. Now it is a regular dress! I wore it today with the sweater I got at Goodwill for a cute retro look.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Finds March 12th

Here is a lovely look from Charlotte Russe. I haven't shopped there lately and I forget what nice things they have!

Here now are a few pics of items that I have purchased lately. Thank you to my daughter and my friend Valerie for the gift certificates. I love you both!

Skirt from Solanah
Bad me, I sold a skirt and then turned around and bought one. At least the one I bought was cheaper than the one I sold, so I don't feel too bad!


This skirt was a free gift! Solanah is a real doll and I highly recommend her shop. I think it is in vacation mode right now, so when she opens it up again I will let you all know!

The Princess and I
  • Green Cardigan from Forever21

A great little mixer and it is GREEN. I really love green.

New Hat New Shoes, Oh My!

More birthday gifts! I love the hat and shoes. I could just marry them! Well not really, but I am sure you know what I mean!

I have a couple more gifts, but I haven't worn them yet. I also went to Goodwill and spent a whole $16.00 on myself. Tom kept rolling his eyes and sighing the whole time we were there. I was only supposed to get a slip and ended up with a cashmere sweater, a Woolmark sweater and a lace blouse by Ann Taylor as well. I could have spent more than the 10 minutes he allotted me to be in there, but I guess it was safer that he pulled me out of there when he did. Who knows what kind of damage I could have caused to our budget! I will take pictures and you can see my largess next week.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

DIY: Everything's Coming Up Rosettes!

I have been seeing rosettes everywhere so I figured instead of buying them, the shoestring way of doing things would be to make them myself! So here is a little walk through of how I did it.

First I picked out a few ribbons and buttons. You can choose what colors you like. I went with coral and red, but later on I plan on doing more in many different colors!

Cut your ribbons from 5 to 7 inches depending upon the ribbon thickness and how big your button is. The coral ribbon is 7 inches and the cherry red is 6. I plan on doing some that are smaller. Make a loop with the ribbon overlapping the ends about 1/4 of an inch. Pinch in the middle and using a needle threaded with matching thread, run a stitch through the center.

Do the same with the other ribbons stacking on top. Use three to four ribbons per rosette. It is up to you.

Center button in the middle and stitch in place.

For the coral rosette I then sewed a pinback in place.

For the cherry rosette I sewed a bobby pin and then used E-6000 to further hold it in place.

You can use your rosettes to decorate so many things!




Your clothes!

This was so much fun I plan on teaching my granddaughter how to do it. This will make a great weekend project for us.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Doll I Would Buy!

Blog Entry: 5275341

I am hyperventilating. Seriously! I just have to have Joan. How I developed this deep need for a Barbie doll is beyond me. When Tom goes back to work I may collect all of them!

How about you? Are you craving any of these Mad Men Barbie Dolls?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Angel No More


Who would have thought that this cute blouse started out life with angel sleeves? My friend Carrie gave it to me a couple years ago and I only wore it once and then the fad was over. And truthfully I am glad it is over. Angel sleeve tops are one trick ponies. Not easy to layer with and just too young of a look. So out came my scissors and away they went! I added the elastic and voilé, a sweet peasant top worthy of Jane Russell!

Outlaw, TheNow pardon me while I go find me a nice bale of hay to lie in. This girl needs to get some serious shut eye.

On the Lam
Being on the lam with the Outlaw has made me seriously tired!

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