Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Finds Aug 6th

While I may be on a spending diet I do need a few new things. Mainly new jeans. My old jeans give me "muffin top". Not something that I like to have. So I have searched around for new jeans and I think I may have found some that are budget friendly and are figure friendly as well.

Nice and dark with a bit of a flare.

A basic bootcut.

Tom hates the deconstructed look, but the these are kind of cute :)

I have also been drooling over this lovely dress on Modcloth.

So will these fit into my budget? Do I really need them? I know the dress I really, really WANT. *sigh* It will be a great addition to my wardrobe and look wonderful with a little black shrug I have. But do I need it? Oh the agony of being on a budget!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Ready For Fall?

Sémillon Flat
$45 -
More flats »

Stamp Camp New Images Page 22
$13 -

birdcage postcard

It is so hot outside, but all the Fall catalogues have started coming in the mail and stores have put out their Fall displays already. While I can't even attempt to wear these clothes now I can save up for the pieces that are critical (I need pants desperately!) and start my idea list of things to sew. I finally got my serger fixed and now just need to get my sewing machine fixed, it doesn't do reverse. It will be nice to sew again and get those projects that have been sitting on the back burner the past few months completed! Tell me, am I the only one who gets way ahead of herself with tons of plans?

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