Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feeling Lucky

Sometimes things just work out in your favour. Case in point: I had bought a cute skirt on sale at Forever 21 but the only size they had was large. The darn thing nearly fell off my hips but I gamely wore it with a safety pin. Last night I washed it by mistake in a load on warm and it shrunk. Shrunk to just the right size. Some days the Universe is on my side.
I am feeling very lucky.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Yule!

I hope every one is having  a wonderful holiday season. We had our family Yule celebration yesterday and it was a lovely family gathering. We ate so much food and even when our elderly cat hopped up on the table and stepped in the middle of the cheesecake we didn't let it get us down. The kids were all happy with the presents they got and I even cried when I open the present from my husband. He actually took time and got me a lovely gift that was me. He dioes get me.
I didn't even expect it. I think the fact it was a total surprise was the best gift of all. Blessings to you, my friends and may you all have love this season.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ads, Lies and Cheap Tricks

I was reading an article on how French women stay beautiful. Of course this was a thinly disguised advertisement for all the products offered up. Some of the advice seemed like a good idea, like how washing with your tap water might be exposing your skin to toxins. Then they offer up this awesome spa water! French women swear by it so it must be good. Do you want to pay $12 or more for water? I mean, I could just buy a bottle of Crystal Geyser for a couple of bucks. Heck, if I get the gallon size it is cheaper.
I guess I am so tired of all these super expensive lists of "must haves" that we need for perfect skin, great style, good health et al. I am so over it. So you say oils are great for your skin and hair? Good. I have a nice big jar of coconut oil I bought off of amazon. I got rose hip too. I stopped buying crazy expensive body lotions that did nothing and now use coupons  and buy Nivea cream. I wait for a sale even then. It smells nice too. I think you still can't beat witch hazel as a toner for oily skin.
They listed a bunch of other mumbo-jumbo products that I have no idea who would actually use. I just figure they were thrown in as filler or to pad their wallet from advertising fees. The last item on the list was to have a signature lipstick. A colour that looks good on you and you can wear all the time. Now I did like this idea. Not that I could pick a colour and stick with it out of the 50 lipsticks I own. It is an interesting thought, though.
So tell me how you might save money on your beauty products? A  girl has to afford her lipstick ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Style, Fashion, And What We Really Wear

I have been thinking on on this issue quite a bit lately. If you are like me you often buy clothes on a whim, or because they are in style, look comfy etc. We don't usually look at our clothes as a whole entity. Ones that fit like pieces of a puzzle into our wardrobes. Not only to match what we have, but to match "us": To go with what your lifestyle is, your colour preferences. This piecemeal shopping approach has led most of us to a closet full of haphazard clothes choices that we don't wear.
After spending this year with most of my clothes in storage, just pulling out a few for capsule wardrobes, I have made important insights about my own habits and I have realized that; 
1. I have clothes that do not flatter me
2. I have clothes that do not fit me
3. I have clothes I like the look of but hate wearing.
I really think if I had not started rotating my wardrobe in small capsules I would not have completely understood this. I guess I knew it but I didn't really KNOW it until I had a limited amount of choices and I still bypassed those items.
So now that I have come to terms with this, letting go of those items will be much easier. I have decided to pare down even more the amount of clothes that I have. This journey had been a long one but the road is getting smoother.

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