Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unpotted Makeup Progress Report

As you can see, I have a good amount of eyeshadow unpotted and put into my blank palette. I actually made this palette as I could not find any large ones in stock on etsy. I bought a 12x24 inch magnetic sheet from Amazon for about 8 bucks. I had an extra foam board I used to make the rim of the "well" and the base is scrap cardboard and fabric. I think I should be able to fit all my eyeshadows in this. I will need another for cheek/lips. Not a bad effort though I might try washi tape to cover the next one. I highly recommend trying this if you are the slightest bit crafty.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Makeup Clean Out

Spring is here and it is time to clean out my makeup. I am going all out and throwing all kinds of stuff away. 

First off it has to pass the smell test. If anything smells off or bad out it goes. 

If it is broken and I am not liking it enough to try the rubbing alcohol repair on it, buh bye!

Next I am getting rid of all those colour mistakes. We all have bought a colour a  sales girl talked us into that we later regretted. Bye bye Felecia!

With what is left I am going to remove all my eyeshadows, blushes, pan glosses, etc from their compacts and put them into larger blank palettes. I did a Facebook post about it here:


Now I should have a better and less cluttered makeup shelf. Wish me luck because I have a feeling this is going to take all weekend!

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