Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Birthday! And a Giveaway

Today is my birthday! Well, not really since my birthday is actually the 29th, but I am celebrating it today anyway. I made a Deep Dark Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting and let my granddaughters frost it for me. We couldn't find the camera so you will have to wait until later tonight for me to upload pictures from my cell phone. I will be going to the lock-out line again with my husband so I only have a couple minutes to write this. I wanted to get this out since I also have a giveaway! I am giving away a 0.25 fl. oz jar of Heidi Klum's In an Instant Intensive Eye Treatment! It is brand new and all you have to do is comment on this post. I will leave comments open for this until next Friday, March 5th.

Good Luck!


*I just found out that I no longer have picture messaging on my phone with the cheaper plan I had to get, so I can't upload the pictures we took! When things get better I will get it back and upload them then :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Finds Feb 26th

This Friday finds is late due to working on the lockout line and then having a day full of medical tests. I am totally tired! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will be celebrating my birthday and these finds are on my wishlist of what I wish I would get for my birthday. I know it is wishful thinking. My oldest daughter is giving me an IUO since her husband works at the same mine as my husband so he is out of work as well. My youngest will make me something beautiful and my middle daughter, well actually I just might get something off this list from her since she likes to shop Forever21! I have my fingers crossed!

I think this outfit has a sort of depression era feel to it. I think of the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" When I look at it. I really do love it! For some reason the feedsack style of dress and 30's looks are really appealing to me. Am I the only one?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Sewing

My sewing projects list is getting really long. I am so ambitious! While going through my old patterns I found this cute 1940's dress and thought it would make a nice blouse.


I then found in my stash a springlike vintage plisse.


It was a match made in heaven! I can just see it paired with my denim pencil skirt or my white skirt, or even a pair of shorts. Not that I wear many shorts, but I do have a few that I plan to make from a vintage pattern.

I am almost done with my vintage vest. I did some sample bound buttonholes and they turned out great. Now to get over my fear and do them in the actual garment. I need to do that tonight.


This is the pattern I used and it fit perfectly with no alterations. I did change the front. I made it a vee neck, I didn't like how high it was. I did hate all the darts. Simple darts are no problem, but most of these were shaped darts! And counting the lining there are 16 darts in this vest. I swear the pattern drafter was a sadist!
I also have a dress for my friend in New York to finish and a half dozen skirts I started and put away and a couple tops that are laying about partially done. My goal is to get all my undone projects finished! That is saying a lot since I am adding my mother's unfinished projects into the mix. I always say, if you are going to set a goal, set it high!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Finds Feb. 19th

This week I started my job search in earnest so these Friday Finds are cute items that I would love to add to my work wardrobe!


Now if I just could get that job I would buy all these things! Ah, that would be so grand :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Sponsor

I welcome Polly Workinger as one of my Project Wonderful sponsors! She sells beautiful Miche Bags.

They are so versatile! Just buy different covers and you can change the look of your bag without taking out all your contents. I really, really want one and plan on buying one as soon as Tom gets another job :)

So check out the link on the left sidebar. I am sure you will love them!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OWOH Contest Winners

*drumroll* Please!

Using a randomiser the winning numbers for the One World One Heart Contest are #19 and #122

So commenters #19 Tamerie Shriver and #122 calej I will contact you both today to get your shipping info.

This was such and exciting event. I will continue to go to all the blogs on the list even though the event is over because there just was not enough time to see over 1,000 blogs! I really love making new friends and this event made it easy :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Desert Valentine

Lost in the Desert

This Valentine's weekend we have had such beautiful weather. Just perfect for a little walk in the desert. I wore the pencil skirt Tom bought me at Goodwill this week. I know I shouldn't have asked for it. He was buying a suit jacket for himself to wear to interviews. He really needed one and luckily there was on on sale for only $6.49. I was so tempted by a few things and he kindly let me buy them. This skirt was $5.00.

Desert Ramble

We were happy also because one of my doctors kindly stocked me up with a 2 month supply of my thyroid medicine. Yay! Not having medical insurance sucked, but I just got approved for Medi-Cal. I hear that sucks only slightly less than having no insurance.



  • Skirt- vintage from Goodwill

  • Top- Outlet Mall near Barstow remix

  • Jacket- Kimchi & Blue via ebay remix

  • Shoes- Aldo remix

  • Belt- Wet Seal remix


Tom picked me this little cluster of dried flowers. I think I will treasure it more than any bouquet of roses. It was a true gift from the heart.

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentine's Day. I know I am with my true love.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds Feb. 12th

If I had to choose a favourite of all the Spring collections, I would have to name Rebecca Taylor RTW. The polka dots, floral prints and adorable dresses make it a very wearable collection. The easy styles also make it one that I can try to emulate easily with pieces I already have or that I can sew up myself.

Here are the looks I liked the best.

So I have added a few more things to the list of what I want to sew for my Spring wardrobe. I think I am getting a bit over ambitious!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curls ala Solanah


I was much inspired by the beautiful hairstyle worn by Solanah of Vintage Vixen. Two mini loops, one on each side of my head. Almost but not quite victory curls. I nestled a couple jeweled bobby pins in the center for added interest. To achieve this I simply used a curling iron to add more curl to my hair so it was easier to twirl in the rolls. I also curled up my bangs and the back hair. I them brushed them lightly to smooth the curls.

Just the perfect look for a day of job hunting and a trip to the food stamp office.

  • Dress- Target

  • Sweater- Forever21 Twist

  • Blouse- Target

  • Thigh highs-

  • Shoes- Aldo

I really love the easiness of this look. I may try it with a snood sometime the way I have seen Solanah and Casey wear their hair. I have just been timid to do it so far.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tightened Purse Strings


Well, it has been almost two weeks now since the mine locked my husband and his fellow employees out of work. To say that our circumstances have changed drastically is an understatement. I must now use all my little money saving tips for real. There will be no new clothes for me starting next month. I got very lucky since my birthday is this month and we had a tiny bit left over so I got a small gift from my husband that will come in the mail soon. But after that it will be slim pickings. Am I upset. Yes. In a way I am upset that I can't shop, but I am more upset that this big company that is making billions of dollars a year in PROFITS is trying to skim an extra dollar or two off of the working class, namely the miners who are working at one of the most dangerous jobs in the world to begin with!

Sorry, don't mean to rant on a blog that is supposed to be about fashion. I just wanted to let you all know what is going on in my life. We are worried that we could lose our house or have to relocate if he manages to find a job somewhere else. My children and grandchildren are here and this affects them also. My eldest daughter's husband worked there and he is out of work as well.

What can you do to help? If you order from please use my site as a gateway to I make a little bit if you log on through here before you order. You can click through the link at the bottom of the page or any of the links in the sidebars. It may seem like a small thing, but anything helps right now.

So wish me luck, girls and stay tuned for my forays into belt tightening and penny pinching. I am sure it will be interesting ;)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Days and Sundays

I have been lazy and not finished my sewing, but I HAVE been baking. I guess you could say I have been on a serious baking jag. My poor family has been tempted at every turn by Country French Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Rosemary Garlic Bread and Sourdough English Muffins. If it wasn't for the fact I use whole wheat their glycemic index would be through the roof! So here I am in my best baking fashions. Yeah, who else would wear a bow in their hair to bake? *giggle*

Rosemary Garlic Bread
Too bad you can't smell this "heaven" it is total heaven!

I guess I really need to get sewing now. I am so behind on my projects!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds Feb 5th

Looks I Love

I plan on doing a lot of sewing for myself. I can see some of these sweet tops and shorts in my closet for my Spring wardrobe. I guess I better start now if I want them in time for when the weather warms up!

All these looks are from Forever21. I especially like the lace blouse, shorts and maxi dress. Looks like I need to dig through that fabric stash again!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

One World One Heart Event


I just heard about this event and it sounds like so much fun. Bloggers joining together to meet online who may have never have connected before. I am so in! For my give-a-way I have a collection of vintage patterns. Now who doesn't like vintage patterns? If you don't I bet you know someone who does ;) I believe vintage patterns are a magic carpet ride to the past *grin* Of course I am now going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

*sings* "Let the sound take you away!"

pattern 001

To win just comment on this post with your e-mail and I will do a drawing on Feb. 15th for the winner!

Edit: I have had so many comments! Thank you all for stopping by :) I think once I get to 100 comments I will add another set of patterns for a second prize.

LOL, Looks like we passed 100 so I will add another set of patterns. I will put up the pic in the morning. So two very lucky people will win some awesome vintage patterns.

Comments are now closed!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ankle Sock Dilemma

Starting with Fall 09 many designers started showing ankle socks with dressy shoes or oxfords and skirts or dresses.

Rebecca Taylor Fall 09

Verrier Fall 09

Andy & Debb Fall 09

The trend continued this Spring and Forever21 showcased the bobbysox look heavily in their new Forever21 Twist collection.

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2010

Forever21 Twist

Now I had resisted slightly at first considering myself way to old to sport such a look, but when I had found that pumpkin sweater at the thrift store I dipped my toes in and tried it. I really loved the vintage vibe it gave off.

I Get My Inspiration From Nancy Drew
You may remember this from Fall. I only had the nerve to wear the socks with shoes and skirt outfit once.

Now though, I have totally succumbed to the charm of socks and shoes. I have worn the combo three times this week!

Rocking it 008
Rocking it 018
Rocking it 019
Nebbie the kitty was in a feisty mood after seeing my shiny red shoes with socks.

Rocking it 026
Rocking it 027
I layered a red sweater over my dress as it is still quite chilly out. Another cute pair of red shoes.

Rocking it 036
Rocking it 046
This look made me feel like a vintage pin-up model. I wore it to go to the bank and pay bills around town. That chore was a little less painful.

Not once has anyone given me weird looks. In fact I have been complimented on how cute I look.
So while this trend is in style I shall rock it as hard as I can!

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