Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yard Sale Magic

I don't know what it is about a yard sale that makes me all excited inside. I know some people can go their whole lives without ever going to one, but me, I love them!

On the way to Big Bear we stopped at a couple we saw on the side of the road. I found a few things that made my heart go pitty pat.

This set I bought at the first yard sale for a whopping $1.00. Yes that is right. One dollar for all of it. A metal cake dome, a gravy boat and a 1903 book that I plan to use for crafting (the story in it is awful, but the pictures are great!)

Picture from the book. I think it would make a great cameo. I am also thinking of using some of the phrases in my scrapbooking and jewelry making. When I am done the cover will probably be used to make a purse :)

As soon as I got the cake dome home I started to paint it.

These are the goodies I bought at Page in Thyme, the scrapbooking store in Big Bear. I was lucky that they had just what I needed for the cake dome!

The finished cake dome! Perfect for my cake stand :)

The second yard sale was mostly clothes. There was a huge pile of jeans that I could hardly go through! The wind was whipping so hard and I just gave up after a while, but I did find one pair.

This lost was $5.00 for all of it. An eyelet lace tunic by Levi's, black opaque tights and J. Jill jeans! Not too shabby.

Well, I am off to see my daughter today and to go to the Goodwill in Lancaster. I am also going to be making earrings later on this week out of the brads I bought at the scrapbbook store. I think I may do a video tutorial on how to make them. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip!

With my husband back at work and a new car in the driveway just begging to be driven the mood was right for a road trip! We drove up to Big Bear in the San Bernadino Mountains and spent an afternoon looky looing around.

On the drive up we hit a couple yard sales, I have a lovey post about what I did with one of my finds for tomorrow!

We lunched at Pong's Restaurant. The Pad Thai was yummy, but service was slow. I guess when your food is good you can take your time ;)

Pages of Thyme is such a lovely store and I plan on visiting it again! Coco the puppy is the store dog and she followed me around as I made my choices. Tom gave her some belly scritches so I think he is her friend for life!

I peeked into Rejoyce. Nice clothes and housewares. Worth a second look when I am in more funds :)

The snow was really coming down! Who would have thought that it would do that in May?

This poor little birdie looked sooo cold!

I wish we could have stayed longer. I love Big Bear. It is so picturesque! Maybe we can buy a cabin there some day.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dressing for a Pear Shape

Recently I was asked by a reader to write about dressing for a pear shape. She was a short-waisted pear and was frustrated by her type. I am also a pear, but a long waisted pear. I would suppose that our dressing concerns would be similar but just to be certain I searched the internet for a few tips. In my ramblings I came across a fantastic blog by the Slapdash Sewist who happens to be a short-waisted pear! She wrote a lovely article on her style type and how to dress it which I have linked here: Dressing the Pear Shape: End the A-Line Tyranny!
She shows how that classic A-line shape is not always the best look for us pear shapes. Now I understand why I have my love affair with pencil skirts :) For too long we have been hiding our generous hips. Lets us glorify them! Show them off! They are ASSETS ladies, not flaws!

Friday Finds Aug 7 067
Here the pencil skirt shows off my curves and the belt defines my waist while the puff sleeves of the top add width to my shoulders.

For shirts look for tops that accent the smallest part of your torso. Go for empire or natural waist styles and embellishments are great if you are not very busty.

Here the ruffled sleeves on the top balance out the shoulders and hips and the sash defines the waist. The pants are medium rise and flare out at the hem to also balance the hips.

I find that I can wear lots of embellishments on my tops and ruffles are my friends! I do better with a wide leg or flare trouser, but do like skinny jeans which us pears are not supposed to wear. I believe that sometimes you have to break the rules! I also like high waisted pants, but since I am a long-waisted pear they work.

Friday Finds 047
High-waisted pants worn with a cropped jacked with puff sleeves.

Dress into Blouse
Skinny jeans worn with a top that draws attention to the face with an embellished collar and a cardigan that covers it all!

Dresses that flow from an empire waist are so flattering, especially if you have a tummy pooch. I have a bit of one from having kids. No matter how small I am it is still there!

What I Wore
Peasant style dress worn with a belt.

Green Dress
Wrap dresses are flattering to pears. This one would be even better with a nice belt to further define the waist.

I hope that these tips help those pears out there! I know that I am always on the lookout for more flattering cuts and styles and thank goodness I love my "assets". Life is too short to not love and make the most of yourself!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Finds May 21st

So this week I finally jumped on the romper bandwagon. Since I had worn the trend in the 80's I had to be careful not to look like a flashback 80's has been looking for her youth. I decided on a retro 40's playsuit look and Forever 21 had just the right romper to suit my budget and style! I placed my order and was so excited when the mail man delivered the box and I got to put together an outfit.
Romper 1

Romper 2
  • Black Gingham Seersucker Romper- Forever 21 $22.90
  • White Blouse- Target remix
  • Grey Cardi- Forever 21 $22.90
  • Red Belt- Anchor Blue remix
  • Red Espadrille Wedges- remix

I was seduced by the grey cardi that F21 had as well. I thought it was a great companion to the romper. I added a blouse from my wardrobe to heighten the retro look. All day I felt like I was a starlet taking a break from her next movie! I am sure that Ginger Rogers or Betty Grable would have worn such an outfit. "All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up,"


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Spring is in full swing and what better time to get a sassy hat than now? Target has some new styles that are to die for and even Anthropologie has a few that are within a shoestring budget. Of course Forever21 is the darling for cheap with a decent selection, but you have to be quick as they sell out fast! As a reminder, you can click on any of these images to go to the site to see them!

Eugenia Kim for Target® Fedora with Flower Appliqué - Tan
This fedora from Target is $16.99. Can we say cute?

Eugenia Kim for Target® Striped Equestrian Hat - White
Newsboy cap from Target for $14.99.

Eugenia Kim for Target® Straw Fedora with Black/White Trim - Green
Another adorable fedora from Target for $16.99

Mixed Up Conductors Hat from Anthropologie for $19.95.

Blithe Bouquet Cap from Anthropologie for $19.95. I love this one!

Round and Round Hat from Anthropoligie $19.95

Colorblock Straw Fedora from Forever 21 $12.80. Cute and classic!

Madelinne Woven Hat from Forever 21 $12.80. Just the thing to make you feel like a French school girl! I want!

Crocheted Skull Cap from Forever 21 $5.50. This also comes in cream, black, pink and light grey! So dainty and delicate. Perfect for a retro 20's or 30's look.

Graham Cracker Cloche
Graham Cracker Cloche from Modcloth $29.99. Love the grosgrain ribbon on this.

Saffron Beret $5.59. Another chic French look, this time from Charlotte Russe.

DAKINE Sunny Straw Womens Hat
Sunny Straw Hat from Tilly's $27.99. I don't usually like sun hats, but this one is really cute and I would totally wear it!

Cooperative Straw Derby from Urban Outfitters $24.00. I swooned when I saw this!

San Diego Hat Co. Beret With Bow from Urban Outfitters $34.00. A bow, OMG, I love that bow!

Brixton Fiddler Cap from Urban Outfitters $34.00. So retro and steampunkish! *whimper*

Pins and Needles Straw Cloche with Bow from Urban Outfitters. $28.00. I HAVE to have this, my precious!

Pink Cookie Straw Cloche from Sears for $9.00. So sweet and a great price!

These sites have many other hats so have fun checking them out. I know I did and I have a HUGE wishlist going on at all of them. I am just waiting for a lucky windfall now :)

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