Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Finds Aug 28

Yes (stands up) I am a shopoholic. I admit it. I have a problem. But what is a girl to do when there are so many awesome things to be had online and in the stores? Is it REALLY my fault? I blame the designers and advertisers for making them so gosh darn attractive! So here is my minor haul this week. And at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I did not pay an arm and a leg for these items. Most people would spend more on a night out at a fancy restaurant, and I have CLOTHES, gorgeous clothes to show for it!

Shopping online can be fraught with peril at times but my first experience with the online retailer, Modcloth was very pleasant indeed. I was also extremely pleased with the dress when it arrived this week. Well, that is an understatement. I was over the moon! I plan on taking a pattern off this dress and making myself a couple more *grin* Makes the price not as hard to swallow. At $47.99 it is more than I usually spend.

New Dress

Next was not really my fault. My husband had to go to Radio Shack and it is right next to Wet Seal. Now why would I want to spend my time in a stuffy electronics store when I could hang out in a dress shop? Of course I found a few things that I needed. Florals are big for this Fall so this long blouse fit the bill perfectly only $19.50. Since it was loose and flowy I needed a new belt to cinch it in for $9.50.

Friday Finds Outfit

The Bomber Jacket, also from Wet Seal, is fashion forward and will ward off the chill of the evening to a T! The price was a perfect selling point as well at $34.50. The tough look toned down the cutesy floral so it was not so sweet.

Bomber Jacket

Lastly is an adorable vintage crinoline that I got on Ebay. Just the thing to fill out my skirts and dresses and add that retro vintage look that I love so much. A real bargain at $24.50.

New Crinoline

Some great new additions to my wardrobe. I hope you found some great things for yourself as well this week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shoe Lust

I will admit it. I am addicted to shoes. I have so many I have nowhere to put new ones. I promised my husband that until I have gotten rid of some of the old ones no new pairs will make their way into the house and I am a person who keeps their promises. But that doesn't mean I am not lusting after the new shoes and boots that are showing up for Fall. "Buy me, buy me!" they say. But I will resist. I will not cave. I will however show you what I think are the best shoes out there and let you lust after them as well *grin*

First are these simply delicious Vintage inspired shoes from Fossil. I dream about these, I do! A big splurge at $128.00. I can go without food, right?

These black booties by Qupid are sooo adorable I squealed when I saw them. Really! Only $22.99

Now who doesn't need purple pumps? I know that I just have to have them! $21.99

Last but not least a totally sweet ruffled ballet flat. I would feel so dainty in these! Only $22.50 at Payless Shoesource.

So now you know what I have been drooling over. Now I really, really need to get some of my old shoes up on ebay. I am sure these gorgeous shoes will not last long and I WANT them!! *SOB*

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Finds Aug 21 Yes it is Sat. LOL!

I didn't have anyone Friday to help me with my photo shoot so this article is a day late. But I am sure you won't mind since my friend Diana came over to help and brought her skunk Daisy! Daisy helped me model the clothing and was such a good girl!

First was a pair of Super Skinny jeans I got on sale at Target. They are only $15.00 and when I say they are super skinny, I mean it!

Fun with Skunk_7

Next is a pea green sweater with a cute ruffle around the neck. On clearance at Target for only $8.98! Very versatile it could be worn over a blouse as well as by itself.

Fun with Skunk_13

This dress has a vintage 60's sheath dress vibe to it and at 25.88 I could not pass it up! Daisy definitely approves! It will layer beautifully. It was also at Target.

Fun with Skunk_16

Adorable bird earrings that this picture do not do justice to. From peaches4me. She has shops on ArtFire and Etsy. only $11.00

Fun with Skunk_29

Polka-dot blouse paired with the Super Skinny jeans in navy blue. Both from Target. Blouse $8.98, I feel like I am stealing at that price!

Fun with Skunk_30

Black and grey striped cowl necked top. Super soft and ready for Fall! Only $14.99 at Target.

Fun with Skunk_23

Now to leave you with one last photo of Skunky adorableness!

Fun with Skunk_21

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

I know many of you have been on tenterhooks so with out further ado the winner of the Fabric Give-A-Way is Rachel S.! Rachel, I will be contacting you to get your address to mail you your fabric. I hope you let us all know what you plan on making with it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Effortless Hair

Like most of us, at times I agonize over my hair. I buy all kinds of hair products to try and tame the frizz. I curl it, I straighten it. I have blow dried it to within an inch of it's life. I have teased and tortured it. I have dyed and bleached it. I have even permed it. But sometimes I just want to be able to just run out of the house with hair that took no time and looks great. The other day I noticed an article on MSN about 6 Gorgeous Things To Do With Your Hair Today. While most of the looks were over the top and outrageous, Can we say 80's gone wrong here? I was struck by the last look. It was so fresh and easy and something that most of us could pull off no matter the length of our hair.

I decided that I want that look! First off I have to find myself some beautiful headbands. Both ArtFire and Etsy have adorable headbands for sale that would look amazing with this style.
First to look on Etsy:

AuroraRose has this beautiful Blue checkered headband that would look so stunning in anyone's hair. Just elegant with blacks, greys and navys.

This one by Tatteredelegance would go so well with the greys and golds of Fall.

I just love the leaf shape and green color of this band. Very versatile color.

Now on to ArtFire:

This simple silver fern leaf is elegant for evening yet can be worn for day as well. By mylavaliere

For a bit of fun I would try this floral headband by winslow

So, will I have no more bad hair days from now on? Well, I doubt it. But at least my headband will look good. *grin*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3

Here is the last part of the series Anatomy of a Skirt. So we need to put in the zipper. To do that we will need to press the sides of the seam that was left open over. One the left side press it 1/2" and on the right side press it 5/8". Turn right side out.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_58

Pin baste the zipper to the side that has the 1/2" turn over matching the edge of the fabric just before the edge of the teeth. Stitch down.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_59

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_60

Zip up the zipper and pin baste the opposite fabric edge making sure to lap it over and having the edge just meet the seam edge where you sewed the other side of the zipper in. Starting at the bottom sew across the lower edge of the zipper. Keeping the needle down pivot 90 degrees and sew up toward the top.When you get to the top carefully raise the foot so you can unzip the zipper and then lower the foot and continue sewing to the end.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_65

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_67

The zipper is done and now to the waistband.

Take the waistband and press down 1/4" along the one edge. I used the selvedge so no need to serge it to keep it from fraying.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_68

With the right sides together pin it to the skirt. Stitch in.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_69

Press seam toward band.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_70

Fold band with right sides together and stitch the ends.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_71

Trim seams. Unfold and press band flat matching edge just over edge of seam at waist.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_72

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_73

Pin down on outside of skirt.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_74

Stitch in the ditch, which means stitch in the seam line, of the waistband.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_76

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_78

Lastly I sewed in a skirt hook and eye. Finally the skirt is done!

Anatomy of a Skirt_8

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win 2 yards of fabric. I will do the drawing on Wednesday to give enough time for people to comment.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds Aug 14

This week was Back To School Shopping week so I first went with my daughter and granddaughters to Target to pick up what they needed for school. While looking at children's clothing with them I noticed this moss green cardigan.

Friday Finds Aug 14Originally uploaded by Peldyn

On a whim I tried on the largest size and it fit! Whoo hoo! At only $12.99 it was a definite bargain! It looks ever so nice with the new purse I bought from Tarah Kins she has a shop on ArtFire.

Next was Kohl's for clothes for my nephew and this adorable little skirt for me. I love the ivory embroidery that is all the way around the hem. It was on sale for $23.20. It is also plaid which is touted as being really big for Fall. This would also pair well with the new cardigan!

Friday Finds Aug 14Originally uploaded by Peldyn

Lastly I had to nip in to my beloved Forever21 where I found this navy and beige silk blouse with lace inset neckline for $22.50. Perfect to wear alone now and to layer over long sleeve tees and under cardigans later in the season.

Friday Finds Aug 14Originally uploaded by Peldyn

I also shopped from one of the jewelry designers showcased on Amazing Artisans. I can't wait until the earrings I ordered come in!

Now to have another cup of tea and look at ebay. I have a hankering for vintage :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lucky Magazine Styles New Trends for Etsy

Jackie Nasser of Lucky Magazine held a show in the Virtual Labs this evening at Etsy to showcase the new Fall trends. This was a great opportunity to let buyers see what was on trend and available for sale on Etsy.

Many people would not think of Etsy as the go to place for fashion. It has had the image of the crafter who sits at home knitting toilet paper cozies or makes tatty stuffed animals. Well this showing definitely blew that image out of the water. The clothes were very beautiful and up to par with what you would find in any small boutique.

Here are what the big trends to look out for are:


Look for them in skirts, blouses, blazers, shoes, etc.

Big Florals:

These can be mixed with solids or smaller florals in coordinating colors. Keep the jewelry simple so as not to overwhelm the outfit.


This look is still around and can be hard to style. I found this lovely option that would look great with a blazer or with a blouse underneath.


Whether going retro with the menswear look or rocking the brights a Blazer is a Fall necessity. The styling options are endless and it will keep you toasty warm!


Neon brights from the Spring are still around. Why just wear one? Tone it down with jeans and maybe a nice jacket. Or not? If you are young you can really rock this look and go for a bright mini!

Big Cocktail Rings:

What every woman needs gracing her finger, a big vintage looking ring. Luckily I have my grandmothers stash, but for those not as lucky Etsy has a treasure trove.

Statement Necklaces:

Large necklaces, especially in the bib style are making a strong showing. Etsy is the perfect place to get a one of a kind creation.

Menwear's Inspired Style:

You can't mention menswear inspired style without invoking images of Annie Hall. Such a classic look!

Long Sleeved Mini Dress

Wore with tights, leggings or maybe skinny jeans if you are not comfortable with your bare legs. This is a classier take on the 60's mini dress.

While nothing much was said about color other than the Brights that are listed here, many of us noted that quite a few of the picks that Jackie had were in purple hues. She never came out right out and answered the questions on whether purple was the "in" color for fall, but it is safe to say that you can not go wrong with plums and lavenders when paired with the seasons greys and golds.

Why shop Etsy for your fashion? As noted by Jackie, many Etsy shops recycle/upcyle or use sustainable materials in their garments. This creates less waste and is easier on the environment So you are being kind to Mother Earth! It is also becoming a trend to have a connection to the person who created the item you are purchasing. Where better to be able to do that than Etsy?

So I know I have now been inspired to start my Fall shopping. My favorites list is now a mile long! Thank you Jackie and thank you Etsy for this great opportunity.
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