Thursday, February 18, 2016

You Are What You Eat?

Over the past few years I have dabbled in Paleo, Gluten free, low carb diets. I haven't been very diligent but an excruciating week of pain has sent me looking at Anti-Inflammitory Diet books on Amazon. Luckily there were a couple free ones so I downloaded them. I am not sure how this will go but at this point I will try anything. Oh dear god, I hope I don't have to give up wine!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Insanity - Shopping Haul And Product Review

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The New Normal

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is tough. Then coming to terms with the changes in your body is a whole other can of worms. I have been in denial for a year now. A year of weigh gain, swelling, unable to bear wearing regular clothes. I held on to too much. 

This me, the me that is now who deserves space. So I am going to choose to let go of the past image in my mind of what "me" I should be. Okay, that means leggings instead of jeans. Elastic waists instead of buttons and zippers. No more stilettos. 

Is this permanent? I don't know. Modern medicine is working on new treatments and I am waiting on a pre-auth to start a new drug. Either way I am me, letting go of the past. I just have no room for it.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chloe+Isabel Unboxing!

My daughter had a Chloe+Isabel jewelry party so of course I had to order. I was so excited to get my order in only two days!

Everything was packaged so beautifully.

 I will certainly reuse the little canvass bags for gift giving.

The adorable felt birds I am going to bling out a bit and give to my eldest daughter to use on her tree next year.

I ordered three rings, a necklace that can be worn as a set or separately, and got a free pair of earrings.

The only caveat is that the rings were not true to size. I ordered all size 7 and I got one size 7 one size 6.5 and one size 6.75. I am still deciding if I want to exchange them. I did want to wear them my pointer finger not my ring finger. Other than that everything is so pretty. I will be wearing them tons.


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