Friday, January 30, 2009

Cleaning Out Your Closet

We have all seen the new magazines and catalogs touting the new Spring styles and for those of you still digging out from Winter's recent snowfalls you are thinking it is madness. I too am not really ready for Spring wear, but now is the perfect time to think about cleaning out your closet. If you are like me it is in serious need of an overhaul. I have a pile of items waiting for the dry cleaner. Another pile that needs to be mended and I am feeling very blase about the whole thing. The rewards make it all worth while though, I swear! First, forget the rule that if you haven't worn it in a year you should throw it away. I wear things in rotation and may not wear an item in a year, but I will get to it. More important is if it makes sense as a whole in your wardrobe. All items in your wardrobe must go with at least 5, YES FIVE other items. This allows you to build multiple outfits so that you will always look and feel like you are wearing something new. If you have, say a blouse that goes with nothing else it it taking up valuable real estate and needs to go. Another important thing is to get rid of what doesn't fit. It is doing you no good if you can not wear it. If it is too big take it in. If it is too small sell it on ebay or donate it to charity.

Now that you have pared things down a bit lets think about organization. There are a few ways to organize your closet. I like to separate first by casual and work wear then then into the distinct items such as jackets, blouses, skirts and pants. If you have a small wardrobe and have little time to get ready in the morning it may help to organize by outfit so that you may simply grab one and get dressed! If you go this route do not get stuck in a rut. Try to mix up your outfits a bit at least each month so that you look fresh.

Once your closet has been cleaned and organized you may find that you are in need of items to fill "holes" in your wardrobe. Make a list of what you need and start looking in magazines and catalogs to see what is in style and available BEFORE you spend your cash. It is better to make any new purchase on a well thought out basis so you can look for the best deal available. Places to look that you may not have thought of before include ebay and thrift shops. I will be writing future articles on these places!

I hope that you have been given inspiration to tackle that closet and maybe Spring doesn't look so far off after all!



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