Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Finds July 31

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This shopping trip found me at Forever 21. As it was hot I was looking for some cool styles that were budget friendly and cute. I can definitely say that I was in the right place. While I was ostensibly looking for camis, I was drawn to this gorgeous black bustier. It was all beaded and covered in lace and ribbons. So flirty! And at $22.50 not a pursebreaker. I snatched it up gleefully and headed to the cami section.

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In the cami section I was greeted with a head turning display of colors. I swear a unicorn threw up a rainbow! *giggle* It was very hard restraining myself. Every color imaginable was there and the basic cami was only $2.50. Yes, that is right. You are not misreading this. Two dollars and fifty cents a piece. Is it no wonder I wanted them ALL? But restrain myself I did and I walked away with a mere armload.

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Now that my shopping for basics was done I needed a little bling. I found just what I needed at Aldo in this set of silver-tone bracelets. There are 14 of them in the set and at only $15.00 they were quite a bargain. Nice and heavy they tinkle sweetly at my wrists. No cheap, thin metal are these! I liked them so much I bought two sets :)

Exhausted I needed lunch so the husband and I had Mongolian BBQ, Yummers! Then he took me to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was not as good as I had hoped it would be, but not as bad as people had said it was. All in all a good day out.


  1. Please I want your bustier, and now. $2.50 camis! and not even thrift? WOW.

  2. I know! How can a girl turn away from a two dollar cami? I know I can't. I will have to go back for more. I think the husband was having a heart attack how many I was buying, but I need them in every color, right?


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