Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Finds Aug 6th

While I may be on a spending diet I do need a few new things. Mainly new jeans. My old jeans give me "muffin top". Not something that I like to have. So I have searched around for new jeans and I think I may have found some that are budget friendly and are figure friendly as well.

Nice and dark with a bit of a flare.

A basic bootcut.

Tom hates the deconstructed look, but the these are kind of cute :)

I have also been drooling over this lovely dress on Modcloth.

So will these fit into my budget? Do I really need them? I know the dress I really, really WANT. *sigh* It will be a great addition to my wardrobe and look wonderful with a little black shrug I have. But do I need it? Oh the agony of being on a budget!



  1. Muffin tops are so nice when you're eating them, but not when you're wearing them around your waist. Sigh.

  2. Baby I'm back~~~ :)

    I had to come back and bid on some ad space and share the love Pel....


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