Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mall Trippin'

Before my ill-fated Costco trip on Sunday (if you haven't heard about it, let's just say I was feeling under the weather) Tom and I stopped off at the Victor Valley Mall for a little walk-a-bout. He was looking for jeans and I was just looking. We didn't really end up staying too long at the mall as I started not feeling so hot but we did pass by Aeropostale and the 50% off signs lured us in. Tom tried on a whole bunch of jeans and only found one pair that fit. I did find a cute pair of shorts on the clearance rack and a nice patterned cami that will transition well into the Fall/Winter when layered. We only spent $37.00! Less than what the jeans were originally priced, yay! I also splurged on a couple bras at Victoria's Secret. I really wish that my size was easy to find, but 32c/d's are not at Target (Darn you Target!)

So once back at home and after I had recovered I had the new shorts to deal with. They were cute BUT they had this stupid raw hem that was folded up on the outside and I hated that.

Tom's jeans, new cami and new shorts.

So the first thing I did was press the hem to the inside and then I looked through my lace stash and there I found some vintage lavender lace. I pinned it in place.

lace on one leg

Since my daughter Tarah still had my sewing machine and serger and the only other machine at the house was not working I was forced to sew it all in by hand. I did a pricked back stitch that JUST caught the last layer of the shorts so it was invisible, sewing through the lace and the hem. Let me tell you, my hands were really tired after I was done. Going through that thickness is hard on those small muscles! But when it was all done the shorts looked so adorable!


I can't wait to wear my new shorts with the new cami or with my other blouses. I may even try pairing them with my coral blouse for a eclectic look. I will take pictures when I do :)



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