Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ads, Lies and Cheap Tricks

I was reading an article on how French women stay beautiful. Of course this was a thinly disguised advertisement for all the products offered up. Some of the advice seemed like a good idea, like how washing with your tap water might be exposing your skin to toxins. Then they offer up this awesome spa water! French women swear by it so it must be good. Do you want to pay $12 or more for water? I mean, I could just buy a bottle of Crystal Geyser for a couple of bucks. Heck, if I get the gallon size it is cheaper.
I guess I am so tired of all these super expensive lists of "must haves" that we need for perfect skin, great style, good health et al. I am so over it. So you say oils are great for your skin and hair? Good. I have a nice big jar of coconut oil I bought off of amazon. I got rose hip too. I stopped buying crazy expensive body lotions that did nothing and now use coupons  and buy Nivea cream. I wait for a sale even then. It smells nice too. I think you still can't beat witch hazel as a toner for oily skin.
They listed a bunch of other mumbo-jumbo products that I have no idea who would actually use. I just figure they were thrown in as filler or to pad their wallet from advertising fees. The last item on the list was to have a signature lipstick. A colour that looks good on you and you can wear all the time. Now I did like this idea. Not that I could pick a colour and stick with it out of the 50 lipsticks I own. It is an interesting thought, though.
So tell me how you might save money on your beauty products? A  girl has to afford her lipstick ;)


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