Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Trouble with Travel

The trouble with travel can be summed up by this picture. Attempting to fit tiny bottles of skin care, hair care, face care, and make-up items into a tiny quart sized plastic bag. The pain is real. What to keep and what to leave behind? The ban on liquids impacts women by far more than men. Do you know a man that uses ten products on his face every night? My husband uses a bar of soap. I use four different hair treatments to help tame my locks and that is not including shampoo. My husband uses a bar of soap. I don't even want to talk about make-up... quellé horror!
So every time I fly I have to pick and choose and then try to get what it left shoved in that damn bag.
I really don't see how my lipstick and eyeliner is such a threat to national security.




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