Friday, February 20, 2009

The Art of Accessories

Many of us just throw ourselves together and go out the door. It is a fast paced life we lead and we have little time many mornings to think much about what we wear. That is unfortunate because many an outfit can be enhanced by the judicious use of accessories. Of course the reverse can also hold true. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Too many can overwhelm and take all the focus away from a coherent whole. If you are prone to over indulgence in this respect then do as the great Coco Chanel did and just look in the mirror and take off one item before leaving the house. This will help prevent you from being overloaded with jewelry and/or scarves.
This Spring is a wonderful time to indulge in the accessory styles that were sweeping the runways. Of course we will not be so crazy and over the top as many of the designers were but quite a few of the offerings were very wearable indeed! So here are some of our picks that fit the new trends but are budget friendly and will allow you to have more than just one!


The style most wanted this season is the hobo bag. Its slouchy look wears well with the boho stlye that is one of the trends. Both bags shown here are from Forever 21:

Angelica Hobo $24.80

Mocha Hobo $24.90


Necklaces this season are large and statement making and bracelets are chunky and beaded. These are so easy to overdo so you may want to only wear one. If you do a very large necklace, forego a bracelet and viceversa or you may look a bit like Cleopatra!

Minuet Yellow $28.00 from

Wood and Metal Bracelets from Forever 21

Tomatillo Necklace $22.00 from

Desiree Bracelet $5.80 from Forever 21

Bead Necklace $6.80 from Forever 21


While you may not think of them as such, yes shoes can be accessories. Especially when they are worn to accent your outfit. This season sandals are in and the semi-chunky heel in wood is a stand-out along with the ubiquitous wedge heel and for an exotic look turn to python which was seen in everything from shoes to bags to belts. Also new are the architectural heels, but since they are not budget friendly I have not show any. If you want to see some moderately priced ones Victoria's Secret has some in the $100.00 range that are cute. Now here are some looks from Nordstrom that are sure to get your mojo rising!

These cute wedges by Sbicca for $29.90 are perfect for boho styles.

A python print sandal makes everything sexy! By Me Too for $38.90 on clearance!

Great with casual or semi-dressy style is this sandal by Steve Madden on sale at $46.90

This is shown here in red, but click through and check it out in the gold. The color is PERFECT for all your Spring styles! By Star Ling for $39.90
All these shoes are on clearance and will go fast, there are also tons of other cute styles that follow the new Spring trends. I highly suggest you check them all out. I just need a sugar daddy or to win the lottery. So many shoes and so little money!

Hair Accessories

What can be more refreshing than flowers in the hair? Many runway designers did just that. Tucking a bloom in sweetly coiffed tresses. You too can achieve that look with these items shown here:

Flower Barrette for $4.50 from LadyRayCello

Flamenco Silk Rose Barrette $10.00 from Shopbonnin

Brown Flower Hairpins $8.00 from Seaglassvintage

Belts and Scarves

We all have a tons of these from seasons past that can be put to good use for this season. If not I urge you to check out the many clearance racks for these items. They are so expensive to buy. Think thin for the belt and if you have snake or python all the better! Wear it over a cardigan or dress. You probably also have many lovely scarves that can be reworked, I know I do! They can stand in for belts or twisted make great head bands. Of course the classic way is to tie at the neck. If you need a new infusion here are a couple offerings that won't break the bank!

Snakeskin belt from Gluegungeisha

Hand dyed and stamped Silk Scarf $12.00 by HandmadeByRebecca

I hope I have inspired you to look at your accessories in a new light and the next time you get dressed to add that extra something to make your outfit go from everyday to extra ordinary!


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