Friday, February 27, 2009

Layer It On

Now some of you may be chomping at the bit to wear your new Spring styles, but the weather in your area is just not cooperating with you. We are not all blessed to be living in Sunny California or the tropical South. If this is your dilemma then you will have to resort to the trick of layering. Not only will this allow you to break out your Spring wardrobe, but it will also allow you to look trendy as well! You can layer not only your short sleeved tops and camis, but your dresses and skirts as well. Just think proportion and use many thin layers where appropriate instead of one heavy layer. This will keep you comfortable and will look more flattering as well as fashionable. Also, varying the length of the sleeves of your layers adds interest and depth to your ensemble and keeps it from being frumpy. Here I show two simple ways to layer to start you off.layered 019
First is a short sleeve knit top, originally from Target I dug out from Spring storage. I layered it over a three quarter length sweater from Wet Seal paired with a pair of jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. For colder weather a thin turtleneck can be worn as an other layer under it all. Another option would be a fitted jacket over all.
This same concept would work with a cami in place of the knit top and/or a long sleeve tee in place of the sweater. The options are endless!
Next is a dress option, but don't limit yourself to dresses. Spring skirts and yes, even dressier dresses can be layered and worn this way!
layered 036

I loved this dress from Target and hated it when I had to pack it away for the Winter. Well, no more is it in a bin! Here I have it layered with a long sleeved tee from Newport News, a short sleeved cardigan from Target, a belt from Charlotte Russe and stockings from Sock Dreams. With the multiple layers I was warm and toasty even with the chill breeze. Now I am certain you have many perfect layering pieces already in your wardrobe to help you bring those Spring pieces into bloom. If not they can be had for a song on clearance racks and online as stores clear out their Winter merchandise and stock it with those Spring temptations we all want. Check out the in-line links as well. For I have searched for items that you can layer with and some of them lead to the actual garment featured in this article! Now go out and face the weather in warmth and style.


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