Monday, February 9, 2009

Prints, Patterns and Color, Oh My!

Spring really is just around the corner! I have the proof. I found this beauty blooming in my garden yesterday.Narcissis
So looking at the new Spring styles I was struck by the beautiful prints and colors. It was very overwhelming at first. How am I going to incorporate them into my current wardrobe? What do I need to do make my old stuff look new? How can I do this on a budget? First off was to see what silhouettes are "in" and see what I currently have that will replicate those looks. Usually I can make new pairings of what I have already to match what is in style. Then maybe I will pick up a patterned floral blouse and a few chunky beaded bracelets such as these:

Blouse from Charlotte Russe

Bracelet from Tilly's If you are crafty you can make this bracelet yourself with beads and ribbon.

These can add a springtime look to pants, capris, shorts and skirts without breaking the bank and make me feel like I have a totally new wardrobe if switched around properly. Many of the new items I am seeing right now have either a painterly feel or boho feel to them. Not a lot different from last year, though I am seeing them in more softer colors. This will make it easy for those of you who bought those styles last year. You can easily restyle them for this year with new accessories. Maybe add a new belt or a new pair of shoes. Think a little more cleaner lines not so messy as before. Forgo some of the the new runway pants styles however. I feel they are not flattering for the average woman, so unless you are a size 0 I would stick with a straight leg jean and/or trouser style jeans instead of the strangely shaped pants that make you look like you are carrying a load.

Christopher Bailey (of Burberry Prorsum) what are you thinking!? Do you hate us?
When looking for shoes, the wedge heel is still in and neutral toned high heel sandals abound. This lovely pair from Nordstrom on clearance adds a welcome pop of color


I hope these items have inspired you. I know they have me. Like that lonely little flower in my garden, I have turned my face to the sun and am ready for warmer days!


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