Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At Journeys End

Am I done yet?
I am back again after yet another visit to Brawley to sew and fit dresses. But this time I am DONE. Yes I completed the dresses and all the girls came by, even the one recalcitrant bridesmaid whom we had a problem getting to show up for the fittings. I am so relieved it is over and now I can get back to sewing for me and my granddaughters again.

Here is one of the bridesmaids trying on a dress for a fitting. Still needed to do a few things to finish this one!

It is so hard to see the color and texture of the fabric. The flash makes it look shinier than it really is. Here it is closer to what it looks in real life.

The assembly line
The dresses were hung up in a row in the doorway as I completed them. A very satisfying thing to see!

The last skirt being sewn. Hurray!

Keirnath in her completed dress. Whew. All done!

I used to love doing weddings, and I admit that this was a bit of fun, but it does hurt me now to sew that much. I am just not up to it anymore. Damn this getting old and being injured. No one ever told me about this shit when I was younger *fume* Oh well, I will just have to accept the fact that getting old is sometimes not fun. But at least I have Tom to coddle me, I just whimper a bit about how my arm hurts and he will get me a nice hot cuppa tea and a celebrex. He is such a sweetie!
So once I recover from this I will do finish my bit of sewing for myself, until then I am relaxing!



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