Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Finds Jan 15, 2010

This has been a tough week for me. My computer had decided that it would rather be a disco ball than anything else, so it is now no use to me until I get a new screen. The first screen we ordered came in yesterday and they sent the wrong one! Needless to say I am not happy. All my program and pictures are on there. My husband's computer just does not cut it. He has no picture editing programs and he is also a gamer and is on it almost 24/7. *whine* I want my computer! Sigh.
Well, I did have some good things happen. I got in my sockdreams order, yay! We have had Springlike weather this past two weeks so I have been taking walks with my husband and the dog, and my perennials are coming back in my garden :)

So here are a few new things that you may like.
New Jacket
New wool jacket I bought from Liebemarlene on ebay for $26.00. It is a cropped style and is super warm!

In the Bright Sunlight
New Kensie dress I bought from with the gift card my sister-in-law Kathy gave me for Christmas. I layered a vest over it for more interest. Yep, this is the dress that is in the sidebar of my blog. I just could not resist it! The tights I bought at Forever21. They had thrown all their tights into a bin up by the registers. I went through and picked out about 4-5 pairs that looked interesting. Tom thought these were odd and told me I shouldn't buy them. I didn't listen to him! Of course once I wore them with the dress he got it *grin*

Green Dress
This cute wrap dress was on sale at Modcloth. It is really comfortable and I love it with my new brown, crochet, over the knee socks from sockdreams. I have to say that wearing the over the knee socks feel a bit sexy! I have 4 more pairs to try out so I will be having fun making outfits to go with them.

Here is to a great weekend for you all and that my new screen comes in soon. I am missing doing what I want when I want to online!



  1. Pel, I have to tell you, love the new banner. The last outfit is my favorite, really cute! Have a great weekend! Susan

  2. That's such a great little wool jacket! Good luck getting your computer back up and running, that's such a bummer :(

  3. Thanks Susan, it was hard picking out a photo to use. BTW Congrats on your new gig, you go girl! I will add a link to Vintage Indie to the sidebar.

    Missa, still without a computer so I have been baking like a fiend to use up my free time now that the storms have hit and we can't take walks outside. My hubby is home for the next few days and is monopolizing the computer :( Oh well, we have yummy bread to eat!

  4. I love The dress with the mustard coloured tights!!!


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