Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Finds Jan 22, 2010

This week was a week of basics shopping. The clearance racks at Target are full of great little pieces right now that can fit into any wardrobe to make it more versatile. I know they slipped right mine with nary a splash! Sometimes you want a splash and sometimes you just need items that can carry a supporting role.

Friday Finds 029
Basic white. You can do a lot with a basic white shirt. This one is sleeveless and has a great pleated detail around the slit front. Darts at the bust and help give it shape and at $4.98 it was a total steal! The cuddly pine green cardigan was a total steal as well for $4.98. I like the longer profile of it, but you could alter it if you want to a shorter length. Casey's Elegant Musings has a great tutorial on how to do just that.

Friday Finds 021
Purple tunic $8.98. This may seem to be a showy piece, but think of all the layering possibilities! I plan on wearing this under vests, sweaters, dresses. With maybe another shirt under or on top. Who knows? I just wish I had gotten it in black as well. I may have to go back!

Friday Finds 023
Flowered tunic, yes I bought a flowy, flowery tunic. I am a flower child! Makes me feel almost like Spring is here. Well, I can dream, right? Another good layering piece. I do love to layer. My shoes here are from my order. I LOVE them! I haven't worn pink shoes since the 80's. I bet my friend Valerie remembers my pink ballet flats and those pink, Reeboks I think they were? I haven't wore pink since. But these shoes were so cute I had to buy them. Only $34.99 and the sizing seems to be true.

All New to Me :)
Bright green sweater $8.98. This sweater looked really cute layered over the flowered tunic and I liked the colour so much and how comfortable it was I figured I would get a lot of wear out of it. I usually dress up so much I needed relaxed pieces that I could dress down. It is hard to clean the house or watch TV in a dress or pencil skirt! I am actually wearing it now to write this article :)

New Handbag
Bright green handbag $11.98. The pièce de résistance was finding this bag in a matching green on clearance! Seriously, now I have to find shoes in the same green it is so luscious.

So while I have not spent all the money I made making the wedding dresses (I am still owed $120.00, I hope I get paid that soon) I made a serious dent in it this week :) Just what I needed to lift my spirits after all this rain we have been having. And since most of it was off the clearance rack I can say that I was frugal, right?



  1. beautiful purple tunic!!!

  2. You got all that for what I paid for one scarf at Ann Taylor today! I saw some pretty scarves at Target last week. I Should have gone there today. I love white tops too. I have them in all shapes and styles, and usually layer a sweater, and now scarves, over top. I love your flowy top. I want to get a flowy peasant-style top as soon as I can find one!

  3. The tunics came in different prints and were only $9.98, I forgot to post that *blush* blogger was messing up last night and ate my article so I had to re-write it and the price was missed. I might get another one when I go shopping again next week. It is sooo easy to wear!


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