Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I hope all of you have had a great Halloween. I had planned on a nice Halloween article and of course my usual Friday Finds article but I have been distracted by the threat of a strike or possible lock out at my husband's work. This has been a very big worry for him and we have been attending Union meetings, reading contract proposals and following the negotiations. I hate that real life has put such a crimp into my fashion life. That is the real world though. We all have to deal with these things. If a strike does happen I will be cinching in my belt and halting my purchases. Will that mean I can no longer follow fashion? No. It just means I will have to become more creative with it. You will have at least a week or two of Friday Finds as I have last week's to post still and I did go shopping this weekend so there will be another after that *smile* Let's hope that I can continue. (don't let my husband hear that LOL! He would prefer I stop shopping.)

Here is a look at what I wore for Halloween:

I took my granddaughters trick or treating. They looked adorable!

So here's to my husband's continuing to work and me continuing to shop.



  1. Keep strong! That multi-national corp needs some local empathy!

    Lock out, indeed.


  2. Thank goodness no lock out so far! They are working without a contract and negotiating. I have my fingers crossed.


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