Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday Finds Nov. 20th

I swear it is totally exhausting sitting up all night and day trolling ebay and Etsy for awesome bargains. I was so tuckered out from my exertions I slept all day Friday and then of course I had to shop on Saturday. That left today for writing :)

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending upon your view) I did not win all the auctions that I had bid on this week. I am sure that Tom would have lost his mind if I HAD won them all! I did however win this sweet little dress that originally sold at Anthropologie. It is now mine *happy sigh*

Mauve-ish Grey Dress
Maeve Dress from iheartcinnamon on ebay. $37.84. I love how I can layer it for Fall and Winter and also wear it by itself for Spring and Summer.

Another ebay winner:

Take Me Out for an Egg Cream Please.
Cashmere Sweater from dertonr on ebay. $9.99. It looks perfect with my pencil skirt.

On to Etsy.

A Hazy Shade of Winter
Navy Floral dress from Vintage Threadz. I cut the sleeves off and added elastic. I thought it made the dress more versatile. I plan on doing lots of different layering with this one.


Poppies on Snow
Berry Bush tights. Such a pretty colour and pattern. I couldn't resist, though at $18.00 I will have to be very careful with these. I think they will look pretty with the Maeve dress, don't you think?

I won a couple other things (sweaters!) that did not come in the mail yet and Tom kindly let me shop at Ross and Forever21 so I will have a very robust Friday Finds for you next week, plus I have been sewing so look for an article on Monday detailing it and possibly Wed. if I can get the dress I am working on done. Wish me luck as Tarah is also sewing a dress and needs to have it done by Thanksgiving! Nothing like the two of us fighting over resources, LOL!



  1. I'm in so much love with that blue vintage dress!! You should pair it with some red patterned tights. That would be FABULOUS!!

  2. I plan on buying red tights. I was thinking they would look good with the dress as well :) I am sure Target will have them in the children's section since Christmas is coming up soon.

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  4. I love all of your different outfits, its great to see how you pair the tights so well Xo

  5. how cute are those outfits? wow, you did good! i love the dresses layered they look so fun! love your shoes too!


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