Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Finds Nov. 6th

Today's finds are actually last weeks but with all the craziness going on I never got to post them. Hopefully I will be able to keep purchasing yummy items. I have my eye on cashmere right now on ebay. Oh how I want new sweaters, as you all know!

Here are my first items:
The Brown Bird
A lovely brown and white dress from myhools.etsy I love the baby doll styling of it. Brown confetti tights from Anthropologie. They are so warm! I got two colors as you can see next.

A Red Rose for My Luv
Cream Confetti tights. It is hard to see in the photos, but there are multi-coloured flecks in the tights just like the little sprinkles you put on ice cream or cake frosting. Dang, now I want cake!

Floral Tights
Another gorgeous pair of tights from Anthropologie. This time is a floral print. I just can't resist tights right now! Don't be surprised if you see more tights next week *grin*

Hobble Skirt
This black velvet hobble skirt from Ravenrose is so retro. I felt like I should be living in another time.

New Headbands
New headbands! Costplus World Market has an amazing assortment and I went nuts. I think I want even more. You will be seeing these on me in the upcoming months as I think they go awesomely with my new haircut.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yep, I got my hair cut. I am now sporting bangs. It is all the fault of The Ghost Whisperer. It is on The SyFy channel on Mondays and I have been watching it religiously. Now I do not really believe in that stuff. But, I love a good love story and you have to admit the clothes that the main character wears are totally adorable. And her hair, I just love her hair! I now have a version of her hair. Not exactly the same, just inspired by it. This style really takes well to embellishments and I am going hog wild!
Expect more of them :)



  1. The dress look soooo good on you! I'm glad you love it. :)


  2. I love you blog, perfect outfit.I love your tights,I love your legs in tigts, perfect legs and perfect look.


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