Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curls ala Solanah


I was much inspired by the beautiful hairstyle worn by Solanah of Vintage Vixen. Two mini loops, one on each side of my head. Almost but not quite victory curls. I nestled a couple jeweled bobby pins in the center for added interest. To achieve this I simply used a curling iron to add more curl to my hair so it was easier to twirl in the rolls. I also curled up my bangs and the back hair. I them brushed them lightly to smooth the curls.

Just the perfect look for a day of job hunting and a trip to the food stamp office.

  • Dress- Target

  • Sweater- Forever21 Twist

  • Blouse- Target

  • Thigh highs-

  • Shoes- Aldo

I really love the easiness of this look. I may try it with a snood sometime the way I have seen Solanah and Casey wear their hair. I have just been timid to do it so far.



  1. Oh it looks great on you! The little rolls look so ideal with the rest of your hair down :)

  2. Thanks! I would have never thought of doing it if I hadn't seen your hair. You have some of the best hairstyle ideas :)

  3. Beautiful!!
    You should do your hair like that more often.
    Also love the outfit.
    Professionally sweet!
    ~Tabi K.

  4. Snaps, we have the same cardi! God bless F21.

    Your victory rolls are so cute, and I love the little clips you've used. I wish I could master the victory roll!


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