Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Desert Valentine

Lost in the Desert

This Valentine's weekend we have had such beautiful weather. Just perfect for a little walk in the desert. I wore the pencil skirt Tom bought me at Goodwill this week. I know I shouldn't have asked for it. He was buying a suit jacket for himself to wear to interviews. He really needed one and luckily there was on on sale for only $6.49. I was so tempted by a few things and he kindly let me buy them. This skirt was $5.00.

Desert Ramble

We were happy also because one of my doctors kindly stocked me up with a 2 month supply of my thyroid medicine. Yay! Not having medical insurance sucked, but I just got approved for Medi-Cal. I hear that sucks only slightly less than having no insurance.



  • Skirt- vintage from Goodwill

  • Top- Outlet Mall near Barstow remix

  • Jacket- Kimchi & Blue via ebay remix

  • Shoes- Aldo remix

  • Belt- Wet Seal remix


Tom picked me this little cluster of dried flowers. I think I will treasure it more than any bouquet of roses. It was a true gift from the heart.

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentine's Day. I know I am with my true love.



  1. Some of the shoes on this blog are awesome! Met you on B on a budget! I sell purses so of course, shoes have to match----rigggght? :)

  2. Shoes do NOT have to match the purse. That is a fashion fallacy :)

    I have seen the Miche Bags and they look soooo cute! When my husband get a job again, or the lock out ends you can be sure I will buy from you!

  3. Oh sorry---I know they don't have to match, but it sure is fun to do so lol! I love to have fun!

  4. LOL, yes it is fun if they do. Especially if you are on a hunt to find shoes to match.


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