Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ankle Sock Dilemma

Starting with Fall 09 many designers started showing ankle socks with dressy shoes or oxfords and skirts or dresses.

Rebecca Taylor Fall 09

Verrier Fall 09

Andy & Debb Fall 09

The trend continued this Spring and Forever21 showcased the bobbysox look heavily in their new Forever21 Twist collection.

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2010

Forever21 Twist

Now I had resisted slightly at first considering myself way to old to sport such a look, but when I had found that pumpkin sweater at the thrift store I dipped my toes in and tried it. I really loved the vintage vibe it gave off.

I Get My Inspiration From Nancy Drew
You may remember this from Fall. I only had the nerve to wear the socks with shoes and skirt outfit once.

Now though, I have totally succumbed to the charm of socks and shoes. I have worn the combo three times this week!

Rocking it 008
Rocking it 018
Rocking it 019
Nebbie the kitty was in a feisty mood after seeing my shiny red shoes with socks.

Rocking it 026
Rocking it 027
I layered a red sweater over my dress as it is still quite chilly out. Another cute pair of red shoes.

Rocking it 036
Rocking it 046
This look made me feel like a vintage pin-up model. I wore it to go to the bank and pay bills around town. That chore was a little less painful.

Not once has anyone given me weird looks. In fact I have been complimented on how cute I look.
So while this trend is in style I shall rock it as hard as I can!



  1. Kristen in AtlantaFebruary 5, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Great! I love wearing ankle socks with skirts. It is a great look and it will be really big this spring. I especially like the red shoes- would be cute with some white fold-down anklets, too.

  2. I agree, I plan on getting some white anklets soon. I didn't have any! I will shop the children's section. The prices are better there :)

  3. Cute, you are workin' those socks and shoes! I like how you picked up your outfit colors in the sock shoe combos too :)

  4. Love all these looks, your socks are darling! And I love that you have so many red shoes!

  5. Red shoes are a weakness for me, I think I have at least 6 pairs!

  6. Cute socks, I love thin anklets. Hope we get to see your white anklets, too, soon. Love light pastels, too, especially with little fold-down cuffs. Nordstrom has some precious little anklets in their girls dept (Nordstrom Organic Cotton Blend Socks with Turn Back Cuffs) that should fit up to a 10 shoe. Anklets look perfect with your legs and shoes. Like them with dressy flats, too. Fun clothes.


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