Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you all have a good one. I will be eating Irish Soda Bread and other Celtic goodies, but no green beer for me, yuck!
Wearing of the Green 024
Wearing of the Green 022
Wearing of the Green 002
  • Top- Liberty of London for Target
  • Skirt- Mervyn's, remix
  • Shoes-Miss Me from, remix
  • Celtic Cross Belt- Walmart, remix

I wore my new Liberty of London tank top. With its smattering of green it was the prefect compliment to my green shoes. Oh how I love these green shoes. Sigh. What better shoes for a day that you have to wear green?



  1. re: your comment on my blog, I ship worldwide..but maybe I better check my store settings..

  2. I ventured up to Super Target in case their offering of Liberty items was more extensive than the normal store. While I adore the prints, most of the garments are a little too 70's hippy, loosey-goosey to be irresistible to me. (Don't think I spotted your blouse though....) What did really appeal to me, however, was the Converse Vintage 1908 line of clothing - sweet, depression-look shirt dresses and wrap dresses. If they hadn't been nearly $30, I probably would have come home with at least one.
    Another big temptation - pointy-toed, leopard-print kitten heels in the shoe department. My 'sale' eyes will be peeled for next few weeks, I can tell you!
    The checkbook is happy to report I came home with only groceries, and some more of the $3 solar lights, which are fun, and well worth the price.

  3. @Grrl, I think that blouse sold out immediately! There were also shift dresses that are gone now. The uber ruffled sundresses as I stated before were not figure flattering, but the prints were delish! I would have taken them as scarves instead.

    @Mystery Flight, that is good to hear! I looked at a dress but it said it only posted to Australia and I was saddened.

  4. Yep, I have changed the settings now, so that is shows that I ship worldwide.

    Mystery Flight

  5. @Mystery Flight, thanks! I will let everyone know about your lovely shop :)


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