Monday, March 15, 2010

Bursting Bubbles

Bursting Bubbles 1
Bursting Bubbles 2
Bursting Bubbles 3
Bursting Bubbles 4

I had this bubble dress I bought a while back that I had only worn a couple times. Now that I am sick of bubble dresses I decided to turn it into a regular dress. It was not hard. I just cut it at the point where the dress's skirt and lining were sewn together. I then took all the gathering stitches out of the hem of the dress and pressed it flat. I serged it for a neat finish and turned it under once to hem. Now it is a regular dress! I wore it today with the sweater I got at Goodwill for a cute retro look.


  1. Very cute! Though I was looking for bubbles floating around you. *grin*

  2. I WAS considering making soap bubbles! LOL. The weather is warm enough to do it.

  3. I saw that you added me to your 'stylish links' (me ,stylish?! *blush*) and just wanted to thank you! It really encourages me to continue what I do! Will have to add myself to your followers, I love how you dress (you do have some great shoes!!!). Have a smashing weekend!

  4. @Lucy, I totally love your hats :) Soooo cute! I will own one some day!


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