Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Me Liberty, Of London!

liberty 050
liberty 048
  • Liberty of London Milk Crate
  • Liberty of London Media Boxes

If you haven't heard by now, Target has had a collaboration with Liberty of London. The collection hit the stores on Sunday or Saturday depending upon your area. I just happened to be in Target with my daughter on Saturday and bought myself a sweet little blouse and some organising containers for my sewing room. The price points were excellent and I really wish I had more funds to purchase more goodies! Maybe like these:

While I haven't had a chance to wear the blouse yet, it looked really cute in the fitting room. Not so with an uber ruffled sundress. It really made me look like an over large pineapple. Not an appealing look. My granddaughters had a good giggle over it.

Actually, I would have wore the blouse today, but I never really got myself together. I just lazed in bed and ate cupcakes, drank rooibos tea and played BattleStations on Facebook. Maybe I am getting depressed or something? Or maybe it was just from staying up too late out on the protest line with the hubby, but THAT in itself is depressing, sigh. Yikes!
Tomorrow I go out of town to an unemployment interview with the hubby and I will definitely dress up for that! I plan on taking an Acess and Powerpoint class while I am there in their Resource Centre.
Wish me luck!



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