Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Broguing Rights

Monday I got in my order. I had been sitting on a gift certificate that I got for Christmas and I am really glad I did! I felt like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the yummy goodies I could have, but I was after one thing. Shoes!!! You may remember my article Ankle Sock Dilemma about how I succumbed to socks worn with shoes and skirts/dresses as seen on the runways. Well, I have been wanting brogues ever since. My heart was pitter patting for them! With my reduced circumstances I figured I would not be able to afford them. Well, that was not true, enter and their amazing bargains! I found just what I wanted at just the right price.

I got them Monday so it felt like they were a birthday gift as well as a Christmas gift!
These are so perfect for the Depression Era look I have been craving. When I tried them on I felt like I was a movie or book character.

New Brogues

Maybe from Gosford Park? Or maybe a heroine out of an Agatha Christie novel. Yes, I am ready to solve a mystery! LOL!



  1. They're darling. No, beyond darling! What size are you again?....

  2. I ordered a 9.5 in these shoes since a reviewer said they were a tad small. I agree.


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