Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Finds March 12th

Here is a lovely look from Charlotte Russe. I haven't shopped there lately and I forget what nice things they have!

Here now are a few pics of items that I have purchased lately. Thank you to my daughter and my friend Valerie for the gift certificates. I love you both!

Skirt from Solanah
Bad me, I sold a skirt and then turned around and bought one. At least the one I bought was cheaper than the one I sold, so I don't feel too bad!


This skirt was a free gift! Solanah is a real doll and I highly recommend her shop. I think it is in vacation mode right now, so when she opens it up again I will let you all know!

The Princess and I
  • Green Cardigan from Forever21

A great little mixer and it is GREEN. I really love green.

New Hat New Shoes, Oh My!

More birthday gifts! I love the hat and shoes. I could just marry them! Well not really, but I am sure you know what I mean!

I have a couple more gifts, but I haven't worn them yet. I also went to Goodwill and spent a whole $16.00 on myself. Tom kept rolling his eyes and sighing the whole time we were there. I was only supposed to get a slip and ended up with a cashmere sweater, a Woolmark sweater and a lace blouse by Ann Taylor as well. I could have spent more than the 10 minutes he allotted me to be in there, but I guess it was safer that he pulled me out of there when he did. Who knows what kind of damage I could have caused to our budget! I will take pictures and you can see my largess next week.



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