Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Am On The Mend!

I am feeling so much better! Antibiotics are magic. They really are. I plan on finishing up some photos today and messing around a bit more with my blog. I have been trying out new backgrounds. The old background I originally had was nice, but I found a cute blog about goats that had the same one. I do want to look a little different even though I an using a pre-made background.*smile* I will try to get a header made to coordinate with this new dotted background and see if it looks custom enough. I really like the clean look of black white and red. Do you agree? Don't hesitate to give me any ideas you have on how to make my blog look better. I am up for constructive criticism! While waiting for me to get an article done why not head on over to Peldyn's Musings my personal blog and see my latest post. I also have a links list there of other lovely blogs you can peruse. Now to leave you with a pic of the youth hostel in Ocean Beach. Tom and I went antiquing there and had to take a picture of it. It looked so incongruous in between the clothing stores, antiques shops and small cafes.
Youth Hostel

Until later!


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