Friday, September 4, 2009

Away at Highland War!

This week has been a bit crazy for me. I have been getting ready to go to Highland War. This is an SCA event held in the high desert of California. I will be dressing up in anachronistic clothing, weaving, crocheting, playing with my granddaughters and watching the fighting. I may even get to do some shopping! Normally I would also merchant at such an event, but due to being ill for most of the year I don't feel up to that anymore. So it is just fun for me now and no work. Hmmm how is that going to go down? I don't remember the last time I didn't work at a War or faire! So look forward to lots of articles in the next week or two because while looking for my faire clothes I found a bin of my old clothes that I had stuck in the garage and I have decided to refurbish them and take you all along for the ride! I will include video as well as step by step descriptions of alterations and dyeing techniques to make old items look fab again.

So I leave you now with a few photos to let you get an idea of what I will be doing this weekend.

I wish every one a Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Have yourself a delightful, selling-free weekend! :)

  2. Yay what a wonderful weekend! I just found your blog via your etsy purchase from my shop ;) I'm a faire and War veteran myself although I haven't gotten to Pennsic War in three years now. But next year I'm going and bringing the little guy for his first taste of it!

  3. Hi Reneesance! Welcome to my blog. I hope you know that I feature the items I purchase here every Friday so once the dress and coat make it here I will model them and post the pictures. I am really excited about getting them and am purchasing brown ribbon today to "spruce" them around the neck and along the shoulders where you said they are a little off coloured. Ribbon can do a lot to make an older dress look new :)


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