Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds Sept 25th

So, I had mentioned that I had been to San Diego. I had a lovely time there and of course by lovely time I mean I went shopping! I did try to be frugal so we went to the Goodwill in Imperial Beach. I was much impressed with the lovely stuff they had there. If I had more money I would have made off with even more goodies! So I had to be content with the few things I did get. Not all of them are here since I was too tired to take all the pictures, you will get to see them next week. I also shopped at Etsy. I have an addiction to the vintage there *grin*

Mod 60's Look
This dress is possibly one of my favorite purchases and it was one of the cheapest! $5.99 at Goodwill and it is pure silk. I feel like a Mod 60's girl in it. Edie Sedgewick, move over!

Vintage Sheath Dress
Classic vintage sheath dress looks so elegant and refined. I added a brown belt I had for just the right touch. This was only $25.00 from Reneesance at Etsy. It came with a matching trench coat but it was to hot to model!

New Suit
Another amazing deal from Goodwill. This suit still had the tags on it! Instead of $70.00 only $21.99 for me!

Vintage Look
Were is a girl without accessories? Vintage hat from thevanitytable on Etsy for $47.99 and Vintage mink stole from ForeverClassique on Etsy for $50.00. I am channeling a bit of a vintage vixen look here.

Oh so much fun, but I still have more finds to show you and more Falls Trends to talk about, so until later!



  1. Hi Pel,

    The hat & stole look gorgeous!! Of course,so does everything else. I just became a follower of your blog,so now I'll get to see all of your great finds!
    Be sure to look for a "vintage vixen" photo of you in my blog soon ;). I'll let u know when I've finished it.
    Have a great night,
    PS~I'm gald you're feeling better.

  2. It's all so lovely; yes, you are a definite Mod Girl in the top photo. All I have left to say is, when you're tired of that pants suit, can I have it? ;)

  3. LOL, yes grrl. I can send it your way when I am tired of it. I bet it would look even better on you!


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