Thursday, September 10, 2009

Straw Into Gold- Cardigan Make-Over

The first item I decided to start with was the oatmeal coloured cardigan. I picked it because I was so in love with the ribbons I had purchased at Joann's and couldn't wait to see how they would look on it.


It was hard choosing which one I liked best, but in the end I went with the seal brown as it "popped" against the light color of the cardi best. I plan on using the other ribbon for bows to put on hair pins and barrettes and pins for brooches.

Before sewing ribbon it is best to prewash it or steam shrink it. I steam shrunk it with my steam iron since it was quicker. Then I used 505 temporary fabric adhesive to adhere the ribbon to the cardigan at the waist. I also used a few pins. I used the adhesive outside in the driveway since it is so sticky. Now why adhesive? I find that velvet likes to shift horribly when I sew it and a little adhesive makes it so much easier. No more shifting and me pulling out my hair in frustration!


I took little pleats at the side seams on the waist when I pinned it since it curved a bit . This helped the ribbon lie flat.


Now I sewed the ribbon down with matching thread.


Now I edged the front of the cardigan with the ribbon to the shoulder seams taking care to keep it even and tucking the ends under. Then I sewed it down also.


Taking leftover bits of ribbon I sewed together a cute bow. I used a safety pin to attach it at the waist.


Now I have a new cardi to wear with my skirts and other outfits this Fall and Winter!

Tomorrow is Friday Finds so I will work on another garment on Saturday. Another exciting decision to make on which it will be! Maybe a skirt, maybe a top? Who knows!
Until then I hope you are all inspired to make-over something yourselves.


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