Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spinning Straw Into Gold

Before I left for Highland War I mentioned that I had found a bin of old clothing in the garage. I have had a chance now to go through them and take pictures. Here they are, a motley collection of faded, out of style and even, stained items that I will make fit back into my wardrobe. Hopefully this will help you with similar things that you may have either lying around, or when you are on your next thrifting expedition to look at items with a new eye. Who knows what sow's ear can be turned into a silk purse?

Black Rhumba Skirt

Wine Silk Top

Floral Dress

Tan Eyelet Maxi

Oatmeal Cardi

Lavender Cardi

Crochet Top

Cream Shirt

1.Black Rhumba Skirt- Faded, it needs to be re-dyed.
2.Wine Silk Top- Too large. I will have to alter it down in size.
3.Floral Dress- Too big and out of style. I think I am going to make it into a blouse and maybe skirt.
4.Tan Eyelet Maxi- Too big, too long. I may cut it into a shorter skirt.
5.Oatmeal Cardi- So bland. Needs livening up. I bought velvet ribbon to trim it with.
6.Lavender Cardi- Too big and shapeless. I will alter it to fit.
7.Crochet Top- Cute, but needs a little zing.
8.Cream Top- Has a couple stains. Need to see if they come out in the wash. If not, into the dye pot it goes!

Not sure which one I want to tackle first. So hard to choose! I guess you will all see tomorrow. Now I am off to work on one of these garments. Wish me luck!


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