Thursday, September 24, 2009

InVESTment Dressing

I have been loving the Fall trend of sweater vests, especially as seen in the 15th Anniversary issue of InStyle Magazine. Unfortunately the ones in the magazine were a little pricey and being on a shoestring budget I knew I could find something cheaper! So I hot tailed it to my favourite bargain destination Forever21 and they did not fail to please! While culling through the bargain racks I found not one, but two lovely vests!

What I Wore 9-16-09

Here is the Rose Embroidered Vest for $13.99. I paired it with a bow belt from Anchor Blue and a vintage tweed skirt. Picture taken in the cemetery of Mission San Luis Rey.

Black White and Tan

This khaki vest has a lace texture at the shoulders and seemed too good to be true at only $4.99! I made it part of a sophisticated color scheme of black, white and shades of brown/tan. I think the bougainvillea that grew around the pillars in front of the Mission look so beautiful.

Then I went to New York and Company and they had many sweater vests, but I honed in on this gorgeous argyle style in teals and greens. It is available in a brown and gold colorway, but the green hit a cord with me. I had to have it! The price was a bit more than I usually pay, but still less than designer prices, so I snatched it up. I got City Cash, woohoo! I will spend it at my next outing.

What I Wore 9-15-09

This is a striking vest and I played up the colors with a bold blouse, pumps, handbag and jewelry. I kept the skirt as the only neutral piece. I am on the street in Imperial Beach down the street from the Goodwill.

So three sweater vests added to my wardrobe at a minimal cost gave my basics added oomph! I am just mad that I got rid of all the ones I used to have from years ago. I never thought they would come back in style. Silly me! I will never make that mistake again :)



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