Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Bees, They Are A Buzzing!

With Spring here it is time to get ready for sandals, sling backs and open toed shoes. I don't know about you but my feet needed some TLC after a Winter spent in heavy boots and closed shoes. I inadvertently stumbled upon a great product to fix those tootsies right up, right quick! While on my mini vacay in San Diego I needed some hand cream and while at Henry's Market I picked up a jar of Burt's Bees Banana and Beeswax hand creme.

Oh yum! It smelled good enough to eat! When we went on the walk through Balboa Park I picked up a couple blisters from my new shoes (silly me, I left all my walking shoes at home except for a pair of heels I happened to wear to the interview I went to before we drove out, so I bought new ones!) and I tried the hand cream on my feet to see how it worked at soothing them. Oh my, it not only worked wonders, keeping the blisters nice and soft so they healed well, but my heels, my heels softened up beautifully and stayed that way! It worked better than anything I have tried before. I put it on my feet and legs when I get out of the shower and before getting into bed at night. I smell like a banana milk shake my hubby says. Not a bad thing! I noticed that I also no longer have hangnails on my hands either. I guess that will save me a bundle in the cost of pedicures, manicures and no pedegg for me, just a little emery now and then! This little treat is a keeper :)



  1. Sounds yummy! Looks like I need to order from amazon again :)

  2. Awesome stuff haw? I'll have to pick some up next time I go to town.



  3. Totally awesome, Nancy! And they didn't pay me to say it :) It comes in almond too which I think I may try next.


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