Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Finds April 24th

Yesterday I spent a lovely evening trying on clothes at Anthropologie. Poor Tom was so patient! Of course the stuff I totally loved was not on sale and was way too dear to even think of purchasing. Here is one of my favourite outfits

The blouse is absolutely adorable on and I want it so much! I hope that it will go on sale and that they have my size left *crosses fingers*

I did get a couple tops that were on sale.

Desert Flowers
This is the Emmer Corset Top $39.95 and I nearly didn't try it on, but they had my size and I just threw it in with the other stuff I had to try on. I am glad I did. Totally cute and will go with lots of things I have in my closet! I will take pics of the other things I got as I wear them, and weather permitting. The pictures of my new modcloth dress did not turn out so I can't post them :( I will try to retake tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I plan on going out to the line as usual and doing more protesting. What a little agitator I have become!



  1. I love you blog. With your figure, you would look good in anything. I have a really hard time finding things that look right because I have a pear shape and a high waist. You should do an entry on dealing with figure issue.

  2. Love that top; what a charming style. I got one similar from Etsy a year or two ago but sadly, it doesn't fit right across the front, so I've never worn it. :(

  3. @anonymous I too have a pear shape, but am long waisted. That sometimes makes shirts too short on me. Pants can be a tough fit since my thighs are big so I go mostly with wide leg styles and I bet that would be good for you too if you are not too petite. The silk tunic I just purchased on sale at Anthro would be perfect for you! Look for it on my Friday Finds post.


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