Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Finds April 9th

I am back for a classic Friday Finds article! First is my new sweater. I just couldn't pass it up.

Climbing Marigolds Sweater
  • Sweater- Anthropologie only $9.98
  • Blouse- Goodwill, Hesperia remix
  • Dress- Anthopologie via ebay, remix
  • Belt- vintage, remix
  • Lace tights- Aldo, remix
  • Peep toe Shoes- Target, remix
This sweater was originally $128.00 and I got it for $9.98 plus $5.00 shipping. Yes there was much rejoicing that day! I may not have much money, but I can certainly budget for a $15.00 sweater *does happy dance*

Boho Skirt
This skirt still had the tags on it! I just couldn't resist. Sigh, I am such an impulse buyer. Thank goodness I didn't have much money or I would have bought more! I bought the scarf and necklace while on my little trip to San Diego. I love buying little things while on vacation. It brings back lovely memories of my trips when I wear them :) Striped Sock Goodness! You have to get a better look at these socks! I got them at REI in the children's section. yes, you must always check out that section for bargains. Smartwool socks for adults run $15.00 to 25.00. These were only $7.99 AND Tom used his dividend check to pay for them so in essence they were free! Now who doesn't love stripey goodness paired with fabulous T-straps? These ones from Payless are my favourites. I hope they get more like it in!
Liberty Swimsuit Lastly is my new swimsuit! I haven't bought one in years so all my old ones were about 6 sizes too big. I was seduced by the Liberty of London print and the fact that it hid all the jiggly bits! So flattering! Also since it was two piece you can get two sizes if you are different on top than you are on bottom, I know I am!

I am also thinking about this suit as a future purchase. What do you think?



  1. I'm shocked that you got that beautiful sweater for $10! From Anthropologie no less! Great find.

  2. So impressed with all this! You are the queen of smart shopping!


  3. Are those Payless shoes a current issue? I must go have a look, they're adorable!
    Lovely swimsuit too.
    I heard yesterday that OK is getting an Anthropologie, up in Tulsa. I look forward to excursions up the pike to get a look at their goods in real life. Care to join me?

  4. @Grrl, I bought the shoes a bit ago, but I find the cutest ones there! You can order your size online and they deliver them to your local store for free! No worries that they won't have the style you like in your size. I really like that. Next week you get to see the cute new flats I bought from them, Tres adorable!


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