Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds April 30th

This has been a wonderful week of finds. Anthropologie and the thrift shop have both been very good to me. I didn't have time to model everything so I just took some photos of some of the clothes on hangers. So first off is the thrift shop haul. I spent only $25.00 on all the goodies I bought there. Seriously.

Friday Finds April 30th 021
Jacket and skirt. Not sure if I am going to keep the trim on this jacket or not. My daughter thinks I should take it off and change out the buttons.

Friday Finds April 30th 024
Cropped pants with adorable button detailing, dusty pink/mauve sweater, white embroidered blouse and ivory knit shell. All great pieces to mix an match in my wardrobe.

Friday Finds April 30th 020
Lady-like purse. I just fell over when I say this bag. Just perfect for recreating that elegant 50's look.

Friday Finds April 30th 025
Silk sheath. While the colours are not great I plan on dyeing it tonight and seeing how it turns out.

Now to the Anthro items.

Friday Finds April 30th 002
Teal Silk tunic. I love, love love this colour and it goes with so many things I already have. A bit pricey at $59.90, but originally it was over $100.00.

Tartan Rose top. So sweet and sassy!

Friday Finds April 30th 041
Dollops of Cream Blouse. Worn with a cardi I got at the Lancaster Goodwill a few months ago and my vintage belt. Perfect!

I also got a cute navy jacket and an ivory petticoat. I will show them off next week :)

Target was also on the menu this week and I had fun playing around with my daughter there. I tried on a few things from the Zac Posen Collection. My favourite is this blazer.

Friday Finds April 30th 018
Elegant navy trim on this and the cut out front made it special. Too bad it was too expensive. I had already spent way too much money :(

I also tried on lots of hats and fell for a modified cloche style. I wore it today with my floral trench.

Friday Finds April 30th 037
The green trim with buckle on this hat and the little brim are oh so cute!

So all in all I had a great time shopping with my daughter and I found some sweet deals. I need to go back to that thrift shop soon!

Well, I must be off to work on some stuff. I need to finish some things for a friend and to see to dyeing that new dress.


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  1. I'm so glad you do these, Beth. Not only do i get to see a LOT more of a dear friend this way, i get to watch her do something i enjoy myself --> PLAY WITH CLOTHES!! HA!! And sharing all your ideas and notions about what you find and what you'll do with your finds! Such fun! Love it love it LOVE IT!! Keep up the awesome work!! <3


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