Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Finds Aug 28

Yes (stands up) I am a shopoholic. I admit it. I have a problem. But what is a girl to do when there are so many awesome things to be had online and in the stores? Is it REALLY my fault? I blame the designers and advertisers for making them so gosh darn attractive! So here is my minor haul this week. And at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I did not pay an arm and a leg for these items. Most people would spend more on a night out at a fancy restaurant, and I have CLOTHES, gorgeous clothes to show for it!

Shopping online can be fraught with peril at times but my first experience with the online retailer, Modcloth was very pleasant indeed. I was also extremely pleased with the dress when it arrived this week. Well, that is an understatement. I was over the moon! I plan on taking a pattern off this dress and making myself a couple more *grin* Makes the price not as hard to swallow. At $47.99 it is more than I usually spend.

New Dress

Next was not really my fault. My husband had to go to Radio Shack and it is right next to Wet Seal. Now why would I want to spend my time in a stuffy electronics store when I could hang out in a dress shop? Of course I found a few things that I needed. Florals are big for this Fall so this long blouse fit the bill perfectly only $19.50. Since it was loose and flowy I needed a new belt to cinch it in for $9.50.

Friday Finds Outfit

The Bomber Jacket, also from Wet Seal, is fashion forward and will ward off the chill of the evening to a T! The price was a perfect selling point as well at $34.50. The tough look toned down the cutesy floral so it was not so sweet.

Bomber Jacket

Lastly is an adorable vintage crinoline that I got on Ebay. Just the thing to fill out my skirts and dresses and add that retro vintage look that I love so much. A real bargain at $24.50.

New Crinoline

Some great new additions to my wardrobe. I hope you found some great things for yourself as well this week!


  1. I LOVE the crinoline! And where did you find the green shoes? They're incredible!

    Thanks for the lovely photos!

  2. Hi Elle!
    The shoes are from Payless about a year ago? I wear them a lot!


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