Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Winter weather can wreak havoc on dressing with style, but with a little forethought you can put together cute outfits that will keep you toasty warm. I know, I am lucky to live in Sunny California. But it was 38 degrees and sleeting off and on the day I wore this outfit. I was completely warm and got so many compliments throughout the day.

  • Forgo jeans in cold weather. They do not keep you warm and cold, wet cotton will just suck the warmth from your body. Hikers have a saying "cotton kills." It is true. Stick with wool, linen, silk or synthetics if possible.

  • Use layers to trap air pockets that will hold heat next to your body. By layering you can also remove a layer or two if you get too warm. The goal is to stay an even temperature and to not perspire. Perspiration makes you wet and that will make you cold.

  • Wear a hat! Most of your body heat escapes through your head. Hats are so cute and you can wear them all day long. I add adorable hairpins, flowers and bows so that I don't have to worry about hat hair, I just pin it back if I have to take my hat off.

  • Don't forget a scarf and gloves. If the wind is really blowing a scarf can be very handy to wrap around your lower face to keep the freeze off. Gloves are not just to look stylish. Buy a pair that are meant to keep the digits warm.

  • Tights and or long underwear can keep you even warmer. The super thin silk or polypropylene underwear know as a base layer can be worn under almost anything! If it keeps a skier and Winter hiker warm, it will keep you warm. Sockdreams has wool and synthetic tights that are the best for Winter. I layer with the thigh highs to look cute and for extra warmth. Try REI for base layers. I bought mine there on clearance.

  • Wool socks are awesome if you are not allergic. I love my Smartwool since they are latex free. No rashes when I wear them! They come in all weights to wear with my boots and shoes and to layer over tights.

  • Make sure you have closed shoes that can stand getting wet. Nothing is worse than wet feet. Makes you miserable and cold faster than anything. Sturdy boots and oxfords can look stylish, but still be practical. Another pair of boots is next on my list since I have only the higher heels and I need a low heel for it if snows again this year. Slipping on ice in heels sucks!

By following these tips I am sure you will be styling it out there while everyone else is wondering how you pulled it off! Just direct them here ;)

Now I am off to round up that pair of boots and maybe some more socks. You know you can never have too many pairs of socks!


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  1. Great layering tips and the outfit is SO cute and perfectly layered!


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