Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Straw into Gold- To Dye For

From the Spinning Straw into Gold article I had a black skirt that was severely faded so I decided to do a little dyeing tutorial to show you how easy it is to revitalize faded clothing. You can do this on your old jeans or others things that may be discoloured.

Here is me in my newly dyed black skirt. Notice how much better it looks now>

Newly Dyed Skirt
I am ready to go out now!

Here is another tutorial if you want to try your hand at dying with onion skins. It is fun!

As mentioned in the first tutorial, save your dandelion roots because I am going to do a tutorial in a couple months on using mordants to get more than one colour out of a dye bath.

Happy dyeing!



  1. I often re dye clothes. Especially black ones, I think they fade so quick.

  2. They do, even with modern technology we can not get a good black dye.


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