Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Wishlist To Bind Them All

I don't know about you, but I have wishlists scattered all over the internet. I also have a husband who is so shopping phobic that if I can get just him to shop at for his dvds and video games then I am lucky. So when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries and that biggie, Yule I am on tenterhooks as to what I am to get. I tell him about my wishlists and leave plenty of clues, but he is still clueless. Then comes the day of unwrapping and I usually get nothing that I asked for. Enter and their new Universal Wishlist button! With this new little widget I can add items from any web retailer to my wishlist. Wow! The person who thought this up deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! No more searching all over for items you have favourited, they are all in one place. People can search for your wishlist by your name or your e-mail address so it makes shopping for you a breeze! Now, I am off to add some more things to my list. After Yule is Valentine's day and my birthday, I must make sure he has a good selection to choose from!



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