Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crimes of Fashion or Crimes Against Each Other?

I was doing the old flipping through the channels when a show on The Style Network called "Top 40 Crimes of Fashion" caught my eye. I settled down to see what it was about and I have to say that I saw not so much fashion crimes as some hating against our fellow human being. While there were a few faux pas (Phil Spectors' hair to say the least) most of the show was centered around beautiful women in beautiful clothes being torn apart by other women with the odd man thrown in to give his two cents. It was brutal and it was unnecessary.

Beautiful Scarlett Johanssen who's outfit and eyebrows were trashed on the show. She looks gorgeous!

Why are we doing this to each other? What makes us want to tear each other down? Look at how the media has made it a crime to be "overweight" though by any other standards the women they are calling overweight would be damn near anorexic! Or if for some reason a celebrity steps out without full make-up on, as in the recent case of Geena Davis, she is said to have let herself go, and some people were even calling her an old hag! Complete poppycock I say! She is as lovely as ever. Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom has a lovely figure that many people would die for has been called fat. Umm yeah. I have a figure similar to hers and have been told by my doctor to gain weight.

Is it any wonder that some celebrities are taking drugs and staving themselves to achieve an almost unreachable goal of beauty and glamour? Is this really the message we want to impart to our daughters, to hold ourselves accountable to? I know this is not how I want to be. From now on I pledge to find the beauty in everyone and to tell them so.
Enough tearing down. Lets build up.


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  1. i love you so much, pellie. thank you for posting this!


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